This $10 Skyfind HDTV antenna can detect signals within 50 miles of you | Thrifter

This $10 Skyfind HDTV antenna can detect signals within 50 miles of you


This $10 Skyfind HDTV antenna can detect signals within 50 miles of you

Found by John Levite

Stop paying for channels you can get for free!

  • What makes this deal worth considering? - We've never seen a deal on this HDTV antenna before, and this price is $15 below the street price.
  • Things to know before you buy! - Pair this antenna with something like the HDHomeRun Connect Duo and you can watch all those free channels on your mobile devices, too.
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The Skyfind 50-mile range HDTV Antenna is down to $9.84 with code 59I4YRDP at Amazon. This OTA antenna regularly sells for $23.99 and barring previous coupon code deals, it has never dropped from that price before.

I haven't paid for cable in years, and I use an HDTV antenna to get broadcast signals. It's a great way to watch local sports, and my wife uses it to watch big award shows like the Emmy's. If you're one of them cord cutters, you should definitely get an antenna like this.

Features include:

  • Never pay hundreds of dollars for cable or satellite television again with Skyfind Indoor TV Antennas! You can receive free broadcast high definition television signals without any monthly fee. Just plug it in and connect to your television and let the antenna do all the work.
  • Slim, Reversible and High Performance - Extremely soft Paper-Thin design and lightweight. You can easily hide it behind the TV, stick it on the wall, lay it flat on your table; or stick it high on your window (strongly recommended).
  • Sets up in seconds. Just unwrap, plug it in and run a channel scan. Fast and easy.
  • The HD antenna amplifier boosts the TV antenna with better signal and butterfly pattern optimizes reception. Working frequency: VHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz. Channel reception may vary depending on what's broadcasting in your area, distance from broadcast towers, terrain and the surroundings.

Skyfind offers a lifetime warranty for this antenna. It has 4.6 stars based on 128 user reviews.

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