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The HDHomeRun Connect Quatro is down to $124.99 at Best Buy. The Quatro just came out in October and retailed for $150. This is its first price drop and sets a great tone for deals. This device is exclusively sold at Best Buy until the end of 2017.

We've shared deals on the older version, the HDHomeRun Connect, for as low as $70. It got a refreshed model with a slick design and updated insides this month as well.

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Windows Central has a great break down of the new products as well as an awesome how-to on how to use them. Simply put, if you don't have cable, pair the HDHomeRun Connect with an HDTV antenna to get broadcast television and watch it on any device (up to four with the Quatro).

Features for the Quatro include:

  • Stream and record free HDTV on the largest number of smart media devices using the HDHomeRun app, which works with Windows 10, Android, Apple and NAS storage devices.
  • Use your existing home router. To create your multi-room solution simply plug your device into your home router to stream live and recorded HD content to devices around your home. You can even pause on one device and resume on another.
  • Get more entertainment with four OTA tuners. Browse, record and stream up to four live or multiple recorded HDTV shows simultaneously on multiple devices. Add a second HDHomeRun device to increase your number of available tuners.
  • Supports Closed Captioning and SAP
  • Digital HD antenna required. Designed for users who watch TV with an HD antenna instead of subscribing to cable.
  • DVR capability. The HDHomeRun DVR service, $35 a year subscription allows you to watch live, schedule and record HDTV on your terms. It's a full multi user, multi room, multi device solution.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - HDHomeRun Connect is a simple way to watch live TV anywhere you want. The Quatro lets you do it on up to four devices. This is the first price drop ever on this device.
  • Things to know before you buy! - This is a device designed for cord-cutters who still love live TV. You will need to pair it with an HDTV antenna, like this $28 AmazonBasics one.

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