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This Tekton 46-piece tech rescue kit is only $15.25 at Amazon. This kit has sold around $22 or higher for the last year, and it has never dropped this low before.

Stop buying a new Xbox controller just because a key got stuck. This case has everything you need to open up small, unique electronics like that and fix it yourself. This $15 investment could save you $40 or more down the road.

Features include:

  • Complete set of tools for repairing mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, game systems, collectible toys, wristwatches, and eyeglasses
  • Includes every size pentalobe (iPhone, MacBook), every size triangle bit (toys), and unique, 3-inch, long-reach bits not available in other sets
  • Magnetic driver hangs on to tiny screws so you can remove and insert them with confidence
  • Three multipurpose spudgers safely pry open housings without damage
  • All pieces store in pocket-sized zipper case that goes anywhere

This kit has 4.7 stars based on 406 user reviews.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - This is the lowest price we've ever seen on this kit and it's about $7 off the normal price. It's also got a lot of high quality bits and tools you can't find in normal tool kits.
  • Things to know before you buy! - Check out iFixit's Repair Guides for walkthroughs on fixing your favorite gear. If you're going to be digging into some small electronics, get this headband with a magnifying glass and LED so you can see what you're working with.

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