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The Squatty Potty bathroom toilet stool made of Tao Bamboo is down to $51.93 on Amazon. This poop stool of luxury normally sells for $80. It hasn't dropped below $60 since 2016, and it has never dropped this low.

The regular Squatty Potty is going for $21 with a 10% off on-page coupon, if you don't care as much about the bamboo style. We've also seen recent deals dropping it to $19, so you might want to wait. If you can hold it.

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The Squatty Potty is pretty simple. It's designed so that your body is better configured for pooping. You'll poop faster and easier and your colon will thank you for it. The reduced straining can help heal hemorrhoids and prevent other issues in that neck of the woods.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - The Squatty Potty alone is worth considering because it helps you poop better. You don't even know you're doing it wrong. Then add this one is made with bamboo and will really feng shui your porcelain. This price is also its lowest price ever.
  • Things to know before you buy! - If you just want to poop better and don't care about the style, you can get a regular Squatty Potty for $21.

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Here's a three and a half minute video explaining the benefits of the Squatty Potty with a dragon that poops gold:

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