After an entire day filled with deals, the first 24 hours of Prime Day are nearly over. Luckily for us, this year's sale is a two-day event that's running through October 14 which means there's still plenty of time to save. We've seen countless deals on Echo speakers, Ring devices, popular headphones, tablets, and more, but despite all these stellar Prime Day deals, there are still a handful of products we haven't seen any offers on — and we're really wishing we would.

Below are the top seven items we're crossing our fingers to see a discount on during Day 2 of Prime Day... but we won't be holding our breath either.

1. Apple iPad

Apple iPadSource: Apple

This year's Prime Day has treated us to the AirPods Pro for $199 and the standard AirPods on sale for $115, but where are the iPad deals? It's fair to say Amazon might be negligent in offering Apple iPad deals on Prime Day since the sale has such a major focus on Amazon devices — including the Amazon Fire tablets.

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With nearly every Amazon Fire tablet discounted today starting at $49.99, it's no surprise Amazon doesn't want to offer any stellar deals on Apple's competing device. However, there is still this Apple iPad mini on sale for $335.98 at Amazon. While it's not a Prime Day deal, it does save you over $60 off its regular price and is an offer available to anyone.

2. Sonos speakers

Sonos One HeroSource: Sonos

Sonos speakers have changed the game for in-home sound systems. These Bluetooth smart speakers offer powerful sound and can pair up with each other for multi-room audio, not to mention how easy it is to control them using an app on your phone. Some models, such as the Sonos One, even feature Amazon's Alexa built-in, which is why it's not crazy to think that Amazon might offer some Sonos Prime Day deals. Unfortunately, we haven't seen one yet, but this offer on the Echo Studio with two free Philips Hue bulbs at $50 off its regular price is a pretty good option too.

While it's not technically a Prime deal, we have seen one discounted Sonos product available this week that you may want to purchase. The Sonos Playbase is the next upgrade in home soundbars, and right now it's down to $530.55 for the first time at Amazon. Considering its regular price is $700, that's a discount that's absolutely not worth missing if you've had the Playbase on your wishlist.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Ac Nh HeroSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

Sure, wanting a Nintendo Switch discount is the epitome of wishful thinking, but it's not all that unheard of. During Prime Day and Black Friday 2019, we saw several Nintendo Switch console bundles and discounts that gave buyers a handful of enticing offers to consider. However, due to a combination of factors in 2020 and low availability, it doesn't look like there will be any discounts on the console this year.

In fact, it's lucky that Amazon has the Nintendo Switch in stock at all. There's even an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch console for $299, though buyers will want to be aware it does not come with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game. Maybe we'll see a deal pop up on the console during the last 24 hours of Prime Day, but based on how difficult the console has been to find in stock at all over the past six months, we won't be surprised when it stays the same price or even goes out of stock without ever being discounted.

4. Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a 5GSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

Google's brand new Pixel 4a is already one of the most affordable smartphones from Google ever at $349.99, but it still would have been nice to see some sort of discount on the device during Prime Day. After all, it's already been one-upped by the Google Pixel 5. Amazon could simply toss in a free Google Pixel 4a case with the Pixel 4a for the same price and call it a Prime deal. Give us something!

Instead, this Prime Day we've seen deals on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL starting at $449 with discounts of up to $350. That's pretty solid, along with discounts on the new TCL 10 Pro and up to 30% off Samsung devices, among others.

5. Apple Watch

Apple Watch S5 HeroSource: iMore

Just last month, Apple unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 6 and announced it was discontinuing the Series 5 model. Sounds like it would be a perfect time for Amazon to unleash some great Series 5 deals and rid their warehouses of any excess inventory, right? Apparently not! This Prime Day, customers have been treated to one single Apple Watch deal so far, and it honestly wasn't worth much fanfare. The deal brought a single model of the Apple Watch Series 5 down to $379, a $50 discount, and has already expired. No other Prime Day Apple Watch deals have been found either, though there's still plenty of time left for Amazon to change that!

Though it's not an Apple Watch, we have seen a pretty stellar discount on the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch. It's now on sale for $127.95, saving you just over $50 off its regular price.

6. PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X

Playstation 5 HeroSource: Sony

Okay, okay. No, we're not crazy. But hey, Prime Day is supposed to be Amazon's own version of Black Friday. If it really wants to wow shoppers, it just needs to offer the slightest discount on one of the next generation gaming consoles. There's now less than a month until the PlayStation 5 is released, and Amazon isn't even giving us the opportunity to pre-order the console today. Similarly, the Xbox Series X is released in less than a month and unavailable to pre-order as well. Why not give Prime members the exclusive opportunity to pre-order these consoles at least? That would surely get some new people trying out this free 30-day Amazon Prime membership just to place an order.

It's not just the newest consoles that have been left out of the sale either; Amazon hasn't yet released Prime deals on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One models during this year's event either.

7. All-new Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Tv Stick Lite HeroSource: Amazon

If there's one thing we count on seeing every Prime Day, it's tons of Amazon device deals. That includes Echo speakers, Kindle eReaders, and Fire tablets. But practically the most popular Amazon device has nearly been left out of the sale. Now, we did see a deal that brings the Fire TV Stick 4K down to $29.99, but we can't help feeling like Amazon can do better than that.

The company just recently unveiled two new models of the Fire TV Stick: the Fire TV Stick Lite for $29.99 and the All-new Fire TV Stick for $39.99. However, neither of these models received any discounts for Prime Day so far.

Day 2 of Prime Day is upon us

Day 1 of Prime Day has truly been a whirlwind of deals and discounts, but we're only halfway through the sale! Hopefully Amazon surprises us on Day 2 with deals on a few of the products above. We'll be keeping track of all the best offers in our Prime Day deals guide which currently features over 100 of the sale's best discounts, so make sure to check back as tomorrow's deals start to go live.

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