You're probably familiar with the slew of benefits that Amazon Prime brings, but we're about to shed some light on one you might not know about.

Amazon announced today that Prime members can use their Alexa devices to access Black Friday deals ahead of time, but no specific details were given. You're in luck, though, because we got our hands on the list of early-access deals!

Beginning November 17th at 9PM PT and running through November 21st at 9PM PT, you can beat the crowds to a selection of deals just by using your Alexa device. Your options include:

Alexa voice shopping is about as easy as it gets. Just say "Alexa, what are my deals?" and she'll let you know. Once you give the go-ahead, she'll place the order with your default credit card and shipping information. You can also learn more on Amazon's here.

These special voice shopping deals actually run year-round, and special promotions like this one are also relatively common around Prime Day. Combine that with Alexa's home automation skills, fact-checking talents, and Spotify-streaming abilities, and it makes sense to pick up more than a couple of these gadgets. Be warned, though: once you have Alexa throughout your home, you'll get super frustrated when you're at someone else's house and you can't just speak into the air to get an update on the weather.

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