Devices like the Amazon Echo and Fire TV Sticks always receive the best discounts during Prime Day compared to products from other brands, considering it is Amazon's exclusive event after all. From being able to control your smart home gear, like lights, speakers, plugs, and more, to being able to convert recipes, read you the news, and more, these devices can do a lot to enhance your daily life.

You may have considered adding Alexa to your home or cutting the cord, but didn't know if the time is right, but now's the time to change that. If you haven't met Alexa yet, what are you waiting for?

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How to get the Amazon Device Deals

Amazon's own hardware is some of our favorite, and there are a few reasons for that. Not only is it affordable when it's not on sale, but it's also well-made and offers a ton of value to the end user. From Kindle e-Readers to streaming TV sticks and tons of stuff in between, the product assortment is quite extensive.

We tend to see discounts on the hardware throughout the year, though sometimes the deals are not quite as good as others, and sometimes you need to buy multiple devices to save. During shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday, Amazon tends to pull everything back and put out some insane pricing to help get these devices into the hands of as many people as possible.

Unless you absolutely need the hardware today, the best bet is to wait a few weeks for Prime Day, and scoop up one of everything that you see on sale!

Alexa everywhere: Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon makes Echo devices in all shapes and sizes these days from the diminutive Echo Dot to the full-on sound system of the Echo Sub and Echo Plus. Plus, there are smart displays like the Echo Show and Echo Spot and Alexa is built-in to a whole host of other smart devices. Once you're up-and-running with a few Alexa devices, you'll be ready to begin controlling all your smart home tech from light bulbs and smart plugs, to doorbells, ceiling fans, garage doors, smart locks, and more — all with your voice.

Voice control

Amazon Echo Devices

We expect that Amazon will be pretty aggressive with the discounting of its Echo lineup of devices during Prime Day. We see occasionally price drops throughout the year, but Prime Day is the perfect opportunity for Amazon to put more of its Alexa-enabled gear in customers' homes. For some of the devices, this will be the first Prime Day they have seen, so we expect to see the first big sales on those.

That's entertainment: Amazon Fire TV Devices

Amazon Fire TV devices already offer some of the most affordable ways to get smart features on any TV set and they are certainly cheaper than buying a whole new smart TV. Each device gives you access to all of the streaming services you know and love with some offering 4K viewing and even DVR-like features. When Prime Day rolls around, we expect to see Amazon's Fire TV devices drop in price so you can cut the cord for less.

Fiery deals

Amazon Fire TV Devices

We expect Amazon's Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Recast devices will drop to all-time low prices during Prime Day, but we also expect that they will be quick to sell out. You're going to want to get your orders in as soon as possible to catch the best savings.

Good reads only: Amazon Kindle Devices

Kindles seem to have been around forever. Even the name has become synonymous with e-readers. While there are a bunch of different Amazon Kindle devices, each with varying features, they all provide a dedicated digital reading experience and allow you to take thousands of books with you on-the-go. The latest models are even waterproof so you can read in the tub, by the pool or at the beach on your next vacation.

All the books

Amazon Kindle Devices

Amazon's Kindle devices aren't terribly expensive even when not on sale, but you're going to want to make the most of any Prime Day discounts that come their way. None of the current crop of Kindle devices were around for last year's Prime Day and they haven't seen that many discounts since they've been on sale, so we're expecting the first real price drops for these come July.

Affordable: Amazon Fire Tablets

Not everyone wants to replace their work computer with a tablet. Some just want an easy-to-use device that is great for consuming media and playing games on, that fits into their smart home, and perhaps allows for basic computing like email and web browsing. That's where Amazon's Fire line of tablets fit in. Available in 7-, 8- and 10-inch sizes — with optional protective cases if you want to give them to your kids — the Amazon Fire tablet lineup is pretty great and super affordable.

Tablets for all

Amazon Fire Tablets

Last year we saw a bunch of Amazon Fire tablet discounts during Prime Day and we expect this year to be no different. We've had a couple of new entries into the lineup since last summer, so it will be interesting to see how low they go. Fire tablets make great gifts and are affordable enough that you can pick up a few during the Prime Day period.

All Amazon Device Deals

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