Update: This sample box is out of stock.

Amazon just added one of the most practical sample boxes ever: Household Essentials. Spend $15 on this box filled with different household samples and you'll get $15 in Amazon credit to spend on full-version items of the things in the box. These boxes can be a gamble sometimes because you're bound to get stuff you don't want to use, but that's not necessarily the case with this one. The Household Essentials box is filled with stuff like sponges, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Even if it's not stuff you normally buy, it's definitely stuff you can use.

What's in the box may vary in brand and size but you will get at least 10 items to try. Then Amazon will email you about the promotional credit a week later, after you've had time to try some of the samples.

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The promotional credit is not just money added to your Amazon Balance. It has to be used on a select number of products related to the box you bought. The promotional credit from the Household Essentials box can be redeemed on the products listed here.

This looks like the sort of thing Amazon wants to keep adding to if it works out, so keep an eye on the main sample box page for more options in the future.

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