Here's an easy freebie for you: spend $25 on Amazon and get a free snack from this list. That's all there is to it. Add the snack to your cart, use the coupon code PRIMESNACK, and get it sent with your order absolutely free. This deal is exclusive for Prime members and the $25 has to come from stuff sold by Amazon.

The way I would use this deal is if you're already buying something on Amazon, just add a snack to the order. If you need some ideas, there are quite a few deals on our page for right around that $25 minimum:

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In case you didn't already know, Amazon owns a whole bunch of brands. Some, like AmazonBasics, are obvious. Some, like Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime, are not (although Prime is sort of a giveaway here). So this deal is Amazon promoting its own goods, but it's still free chocolate.

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