In the long-run, this deal is really just free money for you. Buy $50 worth of Amazon gift cards using the Prime Now service and you'll get $15 credit to spend on future Prime Now purchases when you use the code 15GIFTCARD during checkout. You need to be a Prime member to use Prime now, but you can sign up now for a free trial to take advantage of this deal.

The biggest caveat to this deal is in the fine print: "In order to qualify for the $15 promotional credit, you must... have not previously purchased an Gift Card with your account on Prime Now or" That's probably the one issue that'll get most people.

Prime Now is one of the many services available to Amazon Prime members. The difference between regular Prime and Prime Now is the latter has a limited selection of items that can be delivered in two hours. There's no extra shipping fee or anything you have to sign up for. It's just there, and this promotion is probably trying make sure people don't forget about it.

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It's a great service if you consider yourself the Veruca Salt of Prime shopping or you have an emergency where you need groceries or your controller just ran out of batteries.

Once you have the Amazon gift cards shipped to you, you can just add the balance back onto your Amazon account. Or you could give them to your friends as gifts, if you're nice. What you do with them is up to you.

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