Starting today, you can check out Amazon Storefronts, which feature products and services from small and medium-sized businesses. This is a solution to help you buy from businesses from across all 50 states, whilst using Amazon's familiar checkout and shopping experience. According to Amazon, half of everything sold on the site comes from small and medium-sized businesses. This initiative will help you get to know the people behind the products, and it gives smaller stores an easy way to gain additional support too. It is also a political move on Amazon's part, considering that the retailer is often accused of hurting small businesses.

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There are a ton of categories, from Halloween and Back to School seasonal items all the way to the basics like pet supplies and home goods. Each week there'll be a different business highlighted and featured, and there are also tools to help you get to know each storefront owner. While it may not be exactly the same as window-shopping downtown, this new site feature will help you discover something new and different while making a direct positive impact on the small business you want to support.

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