Amazon has several deals on a few different versions of the Kindle right now, but many of them are exclusive to people using the Prime Student program. Prime Student is the same as regular Amazon Prime but it comes with a six-month trial instead of 30 days, and after that it costs 50% as much as the regular version. Of course, you have to be associated with a university in some way to get it (Student, Teacher, Staff, etc).

While Prime Student regularly runs deals exclusive for the people using that membership, right now Amazon is discounting the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite by $30 and the Kindle Voyage by $50. These deals expire Sept 15.

The Kindle Paperwhite down to $90 and the Kindle down to $50 are fairly regular deals. We see those price drops a lot, and you can get the Paperwhite without 3G for $90 at Target right now, Prime member or not. The Kindle Voyage for $150, however, is a great deal. Normally it only drops to $170 when it's on sale.

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The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6-inch e-reader with a high resolution display. It has a built-in light and no screen glare. One charge of the battery lasts for hours. With Wi-Fi and free 3G connection you have access to the entire Kindle library from the Paperwhite's screen.

With the Kindle Voyage you get pretty much all of that in a thinner device with a higher resolution screen and better lighting.

Amazon has also discounted the price of the Fire TV Stick to $35 from $40. It's a great way to stream all the Prime movies and TV shows you'll have access to with your Prime Student membership.

Prime Student has all the regular benefits of being a Prime member, so if you sign up be sure to check out all the different ways to take advantage of that benefit. One of those benefits is at the beginning of each month Amazon releases free Kindle books to Prime members.

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