Amazon's Dash Wand may be a bit odd to some people, but you can get one basically for free right now. Amazon is offering a $20 credit towards a future purchase when you buy and activate the Wand. This Alexa-enabled device can help you find recipes, convert measurements as you cook, and even reorder your essentials for you as you scan their barcodes.

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  • Groceries have never been easier. All new Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa helps you find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy and reorder essentials, find nearby restaurants and more.
  • Purchase Dash Wand for $20 and get $20 off your next purchase after you register the device.
  • Say it or scan a barcode. It's added to your shopping cart. Just say "paper towels."
  • Water-resistant, durable design, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge. You'll need an iPhone or Android phone to register the device.

This offer is reserved for Amazon Prime members. If you aren't already a member, be sure to sign up now for a free 30-day trial so you can participate. Sure, you pay for it upfront, but once you receive it and activate it, you get the money to use towards your next purchase. These tend to sell out quickly, so don't miss out.

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