Update: This item is now available for $70.

Apple's new MacBooks are more sleek and portable than ever, for better and for worse. I just got my first MacBook ever and though I love its differences from Windows computers, one of the few problematic things about owning a MacBook is its lack of certain ports. Having a USB Type-A or HDMI port isn't 100% necessary but it does feel like you're missing a level of functionality that once existed. That's why USB-C docks have started to make a killing in the tech space, many of which are priced around or above $100. Thankfully, Anker's Premium USB-C Dock is currently available for only $62.99, a savings of almost $20 off its regular price.

Transform just one USB-C port into a variety of options to connect with. This dock is compatible with MacBooks, Chromebooks and PCs, and once plugged in, you'll gain access to its six ports: HDMI, Ethernet, SD Card, USB-C and two USB Type-A ports. The HDMI output supports 4K resolution while the USB 3.0 ports can transfer data up to 3.0Mbps, giving you the best quality possible in the quickest amount of time.

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You can also charge your computer by simply connecting any USB-C device to your Premium Dock while that device is currently plugged into a power source, allowing you to use one port for both connecting to another device and charging your computer at the same time.

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