This Anker PowerPort III Pod 65W USB-C charger is on sale for $25.99 at Amazon. This charger normally sells for $40 on Amazon, and it has never dropped from that price directly before until this deal. Today's drop is the lowest we have ever seen for this particular charger, and chances are it won't last forever.

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Anker PowerPort III Pod 65W USB-C charger

Charges the iPhone faster than the charger it comes with. Equipped with PowerIQ 3.0 tech that tells it what's plugged in so it can provide the best charge. Compatible with Samsung Super Fast Charging. Great portability. Comes with 18-month warranty.

$25.99 $40.00 $14 off

The Anker high-speed charger provides 65W of power, which is enough for pretty much any USB-C powered device. It's widely compatible with smartphones and tablets and more. In fact, the charger provides even more power than the default charger your iPhone probably came with. It can recharge an iPhone 11 up to 1.5 hours faster. It's also powerful enough to work with an iPad Pro or a MacBook Pro and charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro in just 2.5 hours.

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The PowerIQ 3.0 tech built into the charger helps it identify exactly what's being plugged in. Not only can it detect the tablet or phone you're plugging in, it can then use that info to give you the best possible charge it can support. This makes it work with pretty much any mobile device. It even supports Programmable Power Supply, which makes it work with Samsung's Super Fast Charging tech.

The unique design of the charger gives it a narrow body so it can fit in tight places and crowded outlets. It's also designed to be quite small and compact so you can carry it with you. The plugs fold in for portability. Keep this in your computer bag, backpack, purse, or wherever you need a charger.

Anker backs up the charger with an 18-month warranty and promises a stacked design that increases efficiency and heat dissipation called MiniFuel. Those features help optimize the charger's performance while also helping Anker reduce its footprint.

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