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This APC UPS 1500VA Battery Backup and Surge Protector is down to $118.04. That's the lowest price in its history. It normally sells around $165, and it hasn't dropped below $130 since November last year. At this price, the 1500VA UPS is actually cheaper than the smaller versions of the same model, like the 1000VA.

An uninterruptible power supply guarantees protection from power surges or lightning strikes, and APC is so sure it'll keep your equipment safe there's a lifetime equipment protection policy where APC will replace properly connected equipment that is damaged by a power surge.

The UPS also acts as a backup battery in case the power completely goes out. How long the battery lasts depends on how much stuff you've got plugged in, but it is powerful enough that even if your most powerful electronics are plugged in, like a desktop computer, you should get at least 30-40 minutes to save everything you're working on and shut down safely. If you aren't drawing too much power, the battery could last much longer.

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While all the outlets have surge protection, only five pull battery power. It's an interesting feature though because you can connect some of the outlets together. You can use a master outlet for your PC's base power and then plug peripherals into the lesser outlets that don't need to be on unless the PC itself is on. This way, you won't be drawing power to electronics that don't need it when the PC is off.

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