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This APC Back-UPS Connect UPS with Mobile Power Pack is down to $34.95 at Amazon and B&H Photo. This has sold for as much as $80 in August, and the previous low we saw was $41 back in the beginning of September.

We've featured APC uninterrupted power supplies before. They're strong devices for supporting any electronics that might be susceptible to a power surge or outage. This UPS has some of that functionality but isn't really designed for full-on electronics management. Instead, it works best with low-power devices like phones, tablets, modems, and routers.

This one is also unique in that the "battery backup," which would provide any connected electronics with some extra time to properly shut down during an outage, can actually be removed. When it's removed it functions like a mobile power bank. APC says it can recharge a phone 5 times before needing to be charged itself. With the battery removed, you do lose the battery backup function for the base device, but it will still power up and provide surge protection for anything plugged into it.

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The device has three USB ports, including the two on the battery pack, and two 3-prong outlets on the back. There are all the normal notifications a UPS might have, including an audible beep when the power goes out and a light on the back for if there's something wrong with the wiring.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - This is a new all-time low for the product and drops it down to impulse buy territory. The pricing will only last one day, so don't miss out.
  • Things to know before you buy! - If you buy from B&H, they don't charge sales tax at the time of purchase for those outside of NY and NJ, and shipping is free. We've featured a bunch of UPS deals in the past, and this is one of the better ones.

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