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Apple Watch enthusiasts are familiar with the thrill of finding a cool new band to keep their watch secure and looking fresh, and now you can know that feeling too with a replacement band for as low as $4.99.

Milanese Loop bands are some of the most well-liked styles for the Apple Watch because of how fashionable and sleek they look. There are also some Nike+ style silicone bands available which are better to use while exercising as they're sweat-proof and less likely to chafe your skin.

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These Apple Watch Bands are compatible with Series 1, 2 and 3 of the Apple Watch. There are various colors available for the first two products listed while, as noted, the rest of the codes only work for specific colors.

  • Soft Nike+ Style Silicone Band (42mm) - $4.99 with promo code LI2I9JXY
  • Durable Soft Nike+ Style Silicone Band (42mm) - $4.99 with code LI2I9JXY
  • Milanese Band, Silver only (38mm) - $5.99 with code IP6NMMP9
  • Milanese Band, Silver only (42mm) - $5.99 with code YDECBYFK
  • Milanese Band, Black only (38mm) - $6.99 with code 6PO7I4HV
  • Milanese Band, Black only (42mm) - $6.99 with code TMQ3ZKAE
  • Milanese Band, Rose Gold only (38mm) - $8.99 with code 2C5QRWPH


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - You can never have too many band styles lying around for days when you feel like you need a change. Nice bands at this price are always worth considering.
  • Things to know before you buy! - The first two options in the list are perfect bands for workouts, while the rest of them are more fashionable styles which can class up anyone's look. Apple Watch Series 3 was only unveiled last month, which makes now a great time to pick up a discounted Series 2 watch.

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