Update: Walmart also appears to have stock of the AirPods, and is offering free 2-day shipping.

Are you still looking for a pair of Apple's elusive AirPods and starting to give up hope that you'll ever get them? The Apple Store is still showing 4 weeks for shipping times, and some stores are receiving shipments, but it's hard to keep up with. If you haven't already made the purchase, or are looking to secure an extra pair of them, we've got great news. Verizon has stock of the AirPods, and if you order right now you can get them in as little as two days. That's right, no insane waits.

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Odds are the available stock at each retailer will move pretty quickly, so if you are looking for a pair of AirPods still you'll want to move fast! Don't forget to grab some protection for the case the AirPods sit in, as well as a strap so you don't lose one when traveling!

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