Aukey Car Mounts are currently on sale at Amazon, with two-packs available in gray and in black for only $7.92 when you enter promo code AUKEYHT5 during checkout. This saves you $5 off this item's average price and gets you two mounts for the price of one.

Many car mounts tend to be bulky in one way or another, some can even obstruct your view while driving. Aukey's car mount fits neither of those descriptions and is actually hardly noticeable. About double the size of a quarter, this mount clips into your air vent and doesn't obstruct anything except a bit of air flow.

Instead of holding your phone conventionally, two metal plates are included so you can attach the appropriate one to the back of your phone and then have it magnetically hold to the mount whenever you wish. The mount has a soft rubber padding to ensure that it doesn't scratch your phone.

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