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You've got power outlets all over your house yet you're probably stuck having to find power adapters to keep your phone charged. Instead of adapting your phone's connection to fit the outlet, why not adapt the outlet to fit your phone? Aukey's USB Outlet features two USB ports for just $11.09 with coupon code AUKEYPX5. That saves you $3 off its regular price. The coupon is applicable on both the Grey and White versions of this product.

Aukey's USB Outlet can be plugged into any power outlet to give you the option of charging devices via the two included USB ports. It also features two standard AC outlets so you don't lose any efficiency. You actually gain much more considering how you could charge two phones and also keep your lamps or TV plugged in at the same time. There's even has a built-in phone stand so you can just set your device up top instead of having it lay haphazardly on the floor.

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Aukey has another USB outlet on sale which doubles as a nightlight. It also features four AC outlets instead of two, along with two USB ports like the other product. It's currently down to $15.99 with promo code AUKEYPX6, a $4 discount.

These products are backed by a 24-month warranty.

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