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Have you ever went to pour out just a cup of your dog's favorite food into his probably too tiny food dish, but you are so strong that you accidentally pour half the bag out? Now your kitchen floor is filled with stinky dog food, and your dog is trying their best to eat them all up before you can get to a broom. I've been there.

This 67-quart IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container for $19.19 from Amazon can help. The last time Amazon offered this storage container for around this price was in March of 2016. Be sure to clip the 20% off coupon on product page to receive the discounted price.

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Each container comes with an airtight seal to keep moisture, humidity and pests out, and features a "positive-snap" latch so you know when the lid is secured.

The 67-quart container comes with removable wheels and a tapered shape for easy cleaning and holds 60 pounds of dog food, or 51 pounds cat food. If you have a smaller pet you can choose from four other sizes; 8-quart, 15-quart, 22-quart, or 55-quart.

Need a food scooper so you don't stink up your hands? Check out this Petmate Tan 3-cup Food Scooper for $3.91 on Amazon.

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