Belkin's 12-outlet surge protector is down to $29.69 on Amazon. That price is a drop from its usual street value of $37 and marks its first significant price drop since March.

This surge protector is perfect for any large collection of electronics in your home - a desktop PC setup, a home theater, or gaming systems. Even if you don't have 12 things to plug into it, it's nice having that extra space when reaching down behind your gear trying to find an extra space, and you can always grab a few of these Power Cable extension cords to make it even easier. Plus, with an eight foot cord you can put your systems where they're the most aesthetically pleasing instead of just near the wall outlet because that's the most convenient spot.

The basic features include:

  • 4120 Joules
  • Protects RJ45 and coax
  • Cord management helps clear clutter
  • Allows room for larger power blocks and the sliding safety covers protect hands from accidental shock.
  • $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
  • Covered by Belkin Limited lifetime warranty

There are several other Belkin products on sale, including this 3-outlet wall mount surge protector with USB ports.

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