Best 8x10 picture frames Thrifter 2022

Finding the perfect photo frame is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Maybe you need a simple photo frame for that nostalgic moment you want to keep close by, or you're looking for a set of photo frames that can bring a greater sense of consistency to your home. From elegant frames with matting to classic options that you can hang on a wall or place on a shelf, the options at Amazon are truly endless. Rather than wading through thousands of photo frames on your own, we've gathered a list of the best 8x10 picture frames so you can get back to making memories and taking new photos to show off.

Amazon Basics Photo Picture Frame 2pk

Best 8x10 picture frame: Amazon Basics Photo Picture Frame (5-pack)

Staff Pick

These simple, classic photo frames by Amazon Basics come in packs of two and five and are available in your choice of black or silver. Each frame features an easel-back as well as hooks so you can hang it on the wall or display it on a bookshelf or tabletop. They're capable of being hung horizontally or vertically.

$30 at Amazon
Ecohome 8x10 Picture Frames

Splash of color: Ecohome 8x10 Picture Frames

Ecohome's picture frames are available in a variety of fun colors like Rose, Peacock Blue, and Sage Green, as well as traditional options like black and white. These frames are made of MDF wood and are designed to be wall-mountable or displayed on a countertop.

$12 at Amazon
Upsimples Picture Frame 8x

Best for consistency: upsimples 8x10 Picture Frame (Set of 10)

The upsimples 8x10 picture frames come with a mat with a 5x7 opening, or you can remove the mat for an 8x10 image. They're sold in packs of ten, are available in multiple colorways, and can be placed on a table or hung on your wall.

$30 at Amazon
Frametory White Picture Frame

Classy: Frametory 11x14 Picture Frame (8x10 with Mat)

While this frame is a bit larger than 8x10, it includes a mat inside that's the perfect size for an 8x10 photo. Though it's rather subtle at first, this frame can bring a classy style to any space in your home thanks to its simple, yet elegant design.

$15 at Amazon
Icona Bay 8x10 Gold Picture Frame

Good as gold: Icona Bay 8x10 Picture Frame

Choose between Gold, Silver, White, or Black colorways of this Icona Bay picture frame, featuring a beaded edge and constructed from eco-friendly PS resin materials. These frames come with high-definition, heat-strengthened glass that allows for clarity and damage resistance.

$10 at Amazon
Americanflat Black Picture Frame

Another way to hang: Americanflat 11x14 Black Picture Frame (8x10 with Mat)

These 11x14 frames by Americanflat are made of wood and feature lead-free tempered shatter-resistant glass. The mat inside allows you to frame your 8x10 image with a nice border. These picture frames come with a hanging wire system and don't feature an easel-back like many other options on our list.

$14 at Amazon
Giftgarden Picture Frame Set 8x

Identical style: Giftgarden 8x10 Picture Frame set

Mismatched photo frames aren't very aesthetically pleasing. This set from Giftgarden comes with seven identical picture frames so you can ensure a consistent look throughout your home. They're capable of being hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.

$27 at Amazon
Rustic Wooden Photo Frame

100% natural wood: Rustic Wooden Picture Frame (Set of 2)

Wood Side Orbis has these hand-crafted driftwood picture frames available in several different colorways in sets of two. The hanging S-type hook on the back allows you to hang these frames vertically or horizontally, and there's a 2-way stand easel attached as well.

$23 at Amazon
Amazing Roo Black Picture Frames 6pk

Upstyled: Amazing Roo Black Picture Frames (Set of 6)

Enhance the look of your photos with these Amazing Roo picture frames. Available as a set of six, these 10x12 frames come with a mat for 8x10-sized photos. They're made of synthetic wood and can be hung or displayed on a table.

$31 at Amazon

Finding your frame...

There are tons of great photo frames on Amazon, so when it comes down to choosing the best, you're going to have quite a few options even after narrowing things down. If you're just in need of a single photo frame, the Frametory 11x14 picture frame is an elegant pick with matting for an 8x10 image. Meanwhile, options like the upsimples picture frames (set of ten) come with multiple frames so you don't have to buy a different photo frame that doesn't match the last every time you want to display a new photo.

This 5-piece set of frames from Amazon Basics climbed to the #1 spot on our list primarily due to their classic, traditional design that will fit in just about anywhere. They're available in black or silver and can be displayed in a variety of ways, from horizontally or vertically, on a wall or placed on a shelf. Best of all, they're affordably made to keep costs low.

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