Best adhesive remover Thrifter 2022

Sticky things are the worst. Especially when they leave a gross, messy residue that you can't get rid of. Fret no more! With a bottle of adhesive remover and the right applicator, like a sponge or a wipe, you can get rid of that sticky mess for good. These bottles and sprays can be applied to so many things, including price tags you want to remove or glue that got in the wrong place or even the tape used to keep a wig or hair extension on. Here are the best adhesive removers we've found.

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Bottle

Best Value: Goo Gone Original Liquid 8-ounce adhesive remover

Top Pick

Goo Gone is the brand in adhesive remover. There are many varieities from sprays to bottles like this. The formula is safe so it won't harm the surface it's being applied to. It's also powerful enough to remove stickers, wax, markers, glue, tar, glitter, gum, and more. Great for parents, teachers, or really anyone.

$9 on Amazon
3m Adhesive Cleaner

Best Spray: 3M 15-ounce General Purpose adhesive cleaner

Specially blended aerosol solvent ideal for removing light paint, adhesive residue, wax, grease, oils, and more. Won't harm the stuff you don't want it to harm like automotive paint or vinyl or fabric. Not recommended for use on plastics.

$21 at Amazon
Uni Solve Adhesive Wipes

Best for Skin: Uni Solve 50-pack adhesive remover wipes

Got something sticky on your skin? Use one of these wipes! Can also work on other adhesives. Has a pleasant fragrance with no odor, and you get 50 of them in a pack.

$12 at Amazon
Goof Off Remover

Best Household Versatility: Goof Off household heavy-duty remover

Cuts through tough spots and stains. Safe to use on plastic, fabric, and clothing. Removes ink, marker, scuffs, lipstick, and more. Just wipe off with an absorbent cloth or wash the fabric.

$7 at Amazon
Hair Extensions Remover

Best for Hair: Feb'l Fleur hair extension tape remover

If you use hair extensions or wigs and use tape to keep them secure, you'll need remover that isn't damaging to your hair but works well. That's where this comes in. This is an oil-based remover that's gentle on skin and hair and will remove the stickiness without pulling or damaging your head. It loosens the bonds of the tape and will not melt the tape or make a mess.

$9 at Amazon
Ehdis Plastic Razor

Best for Cars: Ehdis Plastic Razor Scraper

Ever get one of those decals for a parking garage or security checkpoint on your car? Got a collection of them because you couldn't really find a way to remove the old ones? Keeping a potentially messy bottle of adhesive remover in your car isn't always the best idea. Pick up one of these scraper tools instead. It comes with 10 replaceable blades so it will last a long time. Helps get under the sticker's edge and can be used on more than just cars, including other windows, countertops, appliances, and more.

$8 at Amazon

Glue Be Gone

Our top recommendation for removing adhesive comes from Goo Gone and for good reason. Goo Gone is a great brand for this type of issue, and the company has a ton of different products, too. Grab a spray bottle or get the professional strength version for a tougher project. Of course, 3M also has a great spray bottle that can be used on a variety of stuff from automotive paint, vinyl, or fabrics. It's not suitable for every surface though, and you'll want to be careful when choosing your adhesive remover to ensure it won't harm whatever you'll be putting it on.

Have a more specific need in mind? That's okay, too! We've got a bottle of remover specifically for hair. If you wear a wig or use hair extensions, you need something that can remove tape without damaging your hair or skin or leaving a mess. And if you don't want to keep a messy bottle of solvent in your car, grab an Ehdis razor scraper tool to help you remove the adhesive left over from decals and bumper stickers.

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