Best Adjustable Wrenches Thrifter 2020

If you've got DIY to do around the house, an adjustable wrench is an essential purchase. Whether you're fixing a leaky sink, working on your car, or simply trying to put together some furniture, you'll find a good wrench will make things a whole lot easier. There are a ton of options available, so we've put together a list of the best ones out there to take the trouble out of deciding which is right for your needs.

Best overall: Workpro 4-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

Staff Pick

This set of four adjustbale wrenches should cover most household needs. It includes 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch wrenches, each with a heavy-duty forged steel construction, strong 4-sided jaw design, and corrosion-resistant chrome finish. The smooth scroll wheel makes it easy to make adjustments while you work.

$22.99 at Amazon

Affordable option: Edward Tools Adjustable Wrench

If it's just a single wrench you're after. you can save a ton by going with the affordable Edwards Tools models. They come in various sizes from 6 inches all the way up to 24 inches so there's bound to be one to meet your needs. Each features a precision-milled jaw for a solid grip and locks into place at the adjusted width.

$6.95 at Amazon

Non-slip: Navegando 4-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

Navegando's set of four wrenches features a non-slip grip for superior comfort and control when you're competing your household repairs and other DIY tasks. The set features 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch wrenches, each made from drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel underneath that rubber handle.

$25.99 at Amazon

Extra-wide: Getupower 10-Inch Adjustable Wrench

This 10-inch wrench from Getupower features a jaw opening that is up to 55% wider than traditional wrenches, allowing you to adjust larger nuts, bolts, and pipes. The jaws are also longer and thinner than most others making it more suitable for certain tasks, especially when working in tight spaces.

$19.99 at Amazon

Multi-functional: MaxPower 2-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

MaxPower's adjustable wrench set serves a few differnet purposes. As well as functioning as 12-inch and 16-inch wrenchess, you also get pipe wrench and hammer functionality. You can even use the continuous tapered handle of the black phosphate-finished wrench for aligning bolts to save on time.

$37.99 at Amazon

Get a grip: Craftsman Extreme Grip Adjustable Wrench

There's a reason this Craftsman 10-inch wrench is called the Extreme Grip. It features adjustable wrench jaws open up to fit a variety of fastener sizes as well as a locking mechanism keeps a tight grip. Once you're done cranking away, simply use release lever for easy disengagement.

$25.38 at Amazon

A wrench in your plans

An adjustable wrench is an essential household tool, though the one you ought to buy will depend on your needs and the DIY tasks you intend to complete with it. We recommend the Workpro 4-piece Adjustable Wrench Set as the best overall pick since it comes with four wrenches in 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes which will be perfectly capable of handling the majority of tasks the average homeowner would need to undertake.

If your needs are more specific, you could look at an adjustable wrench with a few more bells and whistles such as the extra-wide Getupower 10-Inch Adjustable Wrench or the tapered Maxpower wrenches that double up as a pipe wrench and hammer, and can even help you align your bolts to speed up your DIY. There are a bunch of options out there, so there's no excuse for trying to do it yourself without the right tools.

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