Best air purifiers Thrifter 2022

Allergies giving you a hard time? Do you regularly feel the pain of pollen or pet dander or just the regular dust and air particles that float around any home? Time to get an air purifier, especially for areas where you spend all of your time. Many of the best air purifiers include HEPA filters and even activated carbon to not only clean the air but leave it smelling fresh with no lasting odors. Some are designed to fit on your desk and some are big enough to clean a room. All you need to figure out is which one works best for you.

Honeywell Air Purifier

Best Overall: Honeywell HPA300 HEPA extra-large air purifier

Top Pick

Can work with rooms up to 465 square feet and captures 99.97% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. You can choose between three air cleaning levels and a Turbo Clean function. Includes a control panel with adjustable lighting.

$221 at Amazon
Bluair Purifier

Quiet: Blueair Blue Pure 411+ air purifier for home

Includes the unique HEPASilent filtration system that works similar to true HEPA but uses less energy and makes less noise. Filters the air at an industry-recommended rate and removes 99.97% of particles. Includes an activated carbon filter to remove odor and gas. Has six pre-filter color options.

$140 at Amazon
Partu Air Purifier

Compact Design: Partu HEPA air purifier

Includes a three-stage filtration system that uses a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Can work with essential oils for a fragrant air. Even has a special way to lock the touch controls so they aren't accidentally activated by a pet or child. Can cover 107 square feet.

$50 at Amazon
Shark Air Purifier

Large Spaces: Shark HE601 Air Purifier

Includes six high-speed micro-fans that evenly distribute airflow across the filter. Since you're working with a bunch of smaller fans instead of one big one, the Shark purifier can operate much quieter. It can also track air quality and automatically adjust its power.

$450 at Amazon
Fsd Ai Rpurifier

Take It With You: Fsdfgc portable air purifier

Uses a True HEPA 3-stage filtration system that can clean 99.97% of air particles. With two fan speeds you can accomodate different needs, making it quieter when you're sleeping or with a stronger setting for better purification. Can cover an area up to 112 square feet and is powered by either a USB port or the included AC adapter.

$31 at Amazon
Pet Purifier

Great with Pets: Dreamegg HEPA air purifier for home

Has a 360-degree design so it can cover a wide area all around. Has a 4-in-1 HEPA air filter, four fan speeds to choose from, a timer and sleep mode, and more. There's even a warm night light and child locks. The special pet mode runs the purifier at Turbo for 15 minutes and level 3 for 5 minutes to get rid of unwanted odor, pet allergies like dander, and more.

$90 at Amazon

Fresh Air

How much space do you need to cover? That's really the main question you should ask yourself when you're deciding exactly which air purifier you need. The Honeywell air purifier for example can cover up to 465 square feet. That's way bigger than a bedroom. Get your entire apartment filtered with an air purifier like that. It also has a great 3-stage HEPA system that removes allergens, odors, and more.

If you do need to cover a smaller space, try the Blueair Blue Pure 411+, which expects to be used in a tinier area. That's why it specifically focuses on noise reduction while still cleaning and freshening the air around you. You can use it closer to your bed without disturbing your sleep, while still getting the same amazing HEPA filtration you need.

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