It's hard to believe that Amazon's Alexa ecosystem started with a single Amazon Echo smart speaker just 6 years ago. Since then the smart assistant has become almost ubiquitous with various first-party smart speakers and smart displays now available from Amazon as well as a variety of Alexa-enabled devices and accessories from third-party brands.

Even at their full list prices, Amazon Echo devices are inexpensive and deals are pretty common on the devices so you can usually snag one for pretty cheap, especially around the holidays.

Best Amazon Fire Tablet Deals Available Now

Echo Dot 4 2 Pk

Amazon Echo Dot (4th-Gen), 2-pack | $49.98 at Amazon

Amazon's latest Echo Dot smart speaker is seeing a Prime Day promotion already with $50 off when you buy two. Just use code PDDOT2PK at checkout to save. With a total price of just $49.98 for Prime members, you're getting two Dots for the price of one.

Since there are so many different shapes and sizes when it comes to Amazon Echo devices, you can find one for pretty much every space in your home (and even take Alexa outside the home with some of its accessories).

Whether you're looking for the cheapest Amazon Echo price or want the best Echo Smart speaker or display available, you don't have to look much further than right here for savings. We track Echo tablet pricing, deals, and discounts from the moment they become available

Today's best Amazon Echo deals

We've rounded up the best deals on Amazon Echo smart speakers, smart displays, and related accessories that you can find around the web below. Be sure to check out the list and give one of them a try today!

Best Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Deals

Amazon has a bunch of smart speakers in its lineup now meaning you can have Alexa in every room in your house. Whether you want something affordable like the Echo Dot or Echo Flex, or want a high-def audio experience with the Echo Studio, you can get a smart speaker to suit your needs. These are the best deals on all of Amazon's smart speakers available right now.

Echo Dot 4 2 Pk

Amazon Echo Dot (4th-Gen), 2-pack | $49.98 at Amazon

Amazon's latest Echo Dot smart speaker is seeing a Prime Day promotion already with $50 off when you buy two. Just use code PDDOT2PK at checkout to save. With a total price of just $49.98 for Prime members, you're getting two Dots for the price of one.

$49.98 at Amazon
Echo 4 2pk

Amazon Echo (4th-Gen), 2-pack | $119.98 at Amazon

You can save $80 on the all-new Echo (4th generation) smart speaker right now when you purchase two, dropping the price of each down to just $60. Enter code ECHOPRIME during checkout for that discount. Exclusively available to Prime members.

$119.98 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot With Clock 4th

Amazon Echo Dot (4th-Gen) with Clock | $54.99 at Amazon

This enhanced version of the Echo Dot throws in an LED clock so you don't even have to ask for the time. It has a $5 discount right now which isn't much, but it beats paying full price.

$54.99 at Amazon
Echo Dot 3rd Sengled

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd-Gen) + Sengled Smart Bulb | $34.99 at Amazon

Alexa is built into this 3rd-generation Echo Dot smart speaker, giving you the ability to ask for the news, voice control compatible smart home devices, and stream music from various services like Amazon Music and Apple Music. It comes with a free Sengle smart LED light bulb worth $10 right now at Amazon and Best Buy.

$34.99 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Smart Display Deals

With the emergence of smart displays, you can now get all of Alexa's smarts in a speaker that can also make use of a screen to show you information that makes more sense visually. That means you can glance at your timer, cook along to a recipe, or even watch YouTube. On top of all of that, you get all of the Alexa voice controls of a regular Echo speaker.

Amazon now has a few different sizes of Echo Show smart display, including the affordable Echo Show 5, mid-range Echo Show 8, and premium Echo Show with its 10-inch display. Some third-party brands are even offering Alexa-enabled smart displays, so you have plenty of choice.

Echo Show 5 Copy

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2019) | $44.99 at Amazon

Following the announcement of a new 2021 model, Amazon's original EchoShow 5 has dropped steeply in price. It's almost half off right now at just $44.99. With $35 off, it's worth adding another one to your home.

$44.99 at Amazon
Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019) | $109.99 at Amazon

There's also a new Echo Show 8 just hitting the market so the original 2019 model is seeing some savings while supplies last. It's $20 off at $110 making it worth buying if you want that extra screen real estate.

$109.99 at Amazon

Bundles with Echo devices

You can get so much more out of your Echo devices if you have a smart home set up. this mutually beneficial relationship between Amazon and smart home device makers means there are a ton of bundle deals available that include a free Echo Dot or other Echo speaker when you make a purchase. Here are the best of those available right now.

Echo Show 5 Blink Mini

Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini Smart Security Camera | $54.99 at Amazon

The Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini may be two of Amazon's smallest smart home devices, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flexibility and convenience. Today's deal saves you over 50% off the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini together.

$54.99 at Amazon
Amazon Smart Oven Echo Dot

Amazon Smart Oven with Echo Dot | $249.99 at Amazon

Score a free Echo Dot with the Alexa-enabled Amazon Smart Oven. It's a 4-in-1 microwave, convection oven, food warmer, and air fryer that includes 30+ built-in presets and voice control with Alexa through a compatible Echo device like the included Echo Dot.

$249.99 at Amazon
Echo Dot 4th Gen Kids Edition Glow Bundle

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition with Echo Glow | $69.99 at Amazon

Grab Amazon's all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition speaker along with a full year of Kids+ service as well as the colorful Echo Glow smart lamp all at a $20 discount right now. You can choose between Tiger and Panda models of the Echo Dot Kids Edition speaker while supplies last. This bundle will let your kids use their voice to control their new Echo Glow.

$69.99 at Amazon

Best Alexa-Enabled Accessory Deals

It's not just smart speakers and smart displays that fit in Alexa functionality. Amazon, and third-party device makers, have squeezed the smart assistant into various different products from earbuds to glasses and even your car. Here are the best deals on accessories with Alexa built-in.

Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto | $14.99 at Amazon

The Echo Auto allows you to bring Alexa and all its functionality with you whenever you step into the car. You'll be able to ask to hear the latest news and sports reports, check on traffic, get directions to where you need to go, listen to your favorite music, and more. Get $35 off for a limited time with your Prime membership.

$14.99 at Amazon
Echo Buds Gen

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd-Gen) | $40 off

The new Echo Buds offer active noise-cancellation, hands-free Alexa, and up to 15 hours of battery life with the included charging case. Prime members ordering today will save $40 and snag a set for a new all-time low price.

$79.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames | $75 off

The Echo Frames are seeing a solid direct price drop at $75 off with Prime. This is the best discount the Alexa-enabled eyeglasses have seen since their release. Use them to make calls, set reminders, add to your to-do lists, get the news, listen to podcasts, or control your smart home from anywhere.

$174.99 at Amazon
Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow | $21.99 at Staples

This smart lamp for kids pairs with any compatible Alexa device for voice control and is a fun way to set timers, from letting them know when dinner is ready, setting a reading timer, or getting them prepared for bedtime! It's normally $30.

$21.99 at Staples

Amazon Echo Price Tracking

Model Regular Price Best Price Current Price
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd-Gen) $39.99 $18.99 $34.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot (4th-Gen) $49.99 $28.99 $44.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot (4th-Gen) with Clock $59.99 $38.99 $54.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo (4th-Gen) $99.99 $69.99 $99.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Plus (2nd-Gen) $149.99 $74.99 $149.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Studio $199.99 $149.99 $199.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 5 (2019) $89.99 $44.99 $44.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021) $84.99 $84.99 $84.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019) $129.99 $64.99 $109.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 8 (2021) $129.99 $129.99 $129.99 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 10 $249.99 $199.99 $249.99 at Amazon

Deals on Amazon Echo smart speakers and displays are pretty common throughout the year, but they change so regularly it can be hard to keep up. During larger sales, all of the devices will fall in price simultaneously, whereas other times singled devices will have a price drop. Of course, the best time to buy one is during Black Friday and holiday sale events, or other sales like Amazon's own Prime Day. We keep track of all the major retailers for any fluctuations in price and keep this page updated when prices drop.

It's also worth keeping your eyes peeled for when Amazon releases new Echo models. The previous-gen devices tend not to stick around for too long, but in the days and weeks just after a new product launch, they tend to get steeply discounted until the retailers clear their inventory.

If you don't need something brand new, refurbished units are the way to go. When purchased from a reputable seller like Woot or Amazon itself you can save a good amount and get hardware that looks and performs like new.

Which Amazon Echo speaker is right for me?

All of Amazon's smart speakers offer similar functionality with the form of the device being the main difference-maker. You first need to decide if you want purely a smart speaker or a smart speaker with a built-in display.

If you don't plan to have the device within your line of sight, then a regular speaker may work well for you. If it's going on the kitchen counter, a display may have some added value.

As far as the Echo speakers go, the Echo Dot is the most popular model. That's partly down to its affordable price tag, but it also offers surprisingly good sound quality for its size while giving you access to all of Alexa's smarts. For smaller spaces, the Echo Flex may suit. It only has a tiny speaker, so don't get it if you want to stream music, but it could add Alexa to unorthodox spaces like your garage.

For a better audio experience, it's definitely worth upgrading to the full-size Echo which we named the best Echo speaker overall. The Plus adds in a home hub for some smart devices and the Studio ups the ante even more when it comes to audio quality — essential if you're an Amazon Music HD subscriber.

Similar to the Dot, the smallest Echo Show, the Echo Show 5, has become extremely popular because of its cheap price. If that 5.5-inch display is too small for you, the Echo Show 8 is probably the best pick. The largest Echo Show 10 has a 10-inch display, though it is the most expensive. The smaller two Echo Show models have the same functionality, so it's just a matter of size and price, though the new Echo Show 10 released in 2021 has some added functionality like a rotating base and speaker unit to make sure the screen is always visible plus a 13MP front-facing camera for video calls.

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