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What are Amazon Sample Boxes?

It's pretty simple. Amazon's sample box landing page is a dynamic page that adds and takes away new products all the time. Each box from Amazon has a theme like "men's grooming supplies" or "household essentials" and contains samples related to that theme. The samples come from many different brands and may come in different colors or flavors. If you choose to buy the box, Amazon sends you the samples. Then you'll also get a credit equal to whatever you spent on the box, and you can use that for a full-sized item from a select list based on that theme.

What's the point?

Never mind the fact that you're getting a whole bunch of stuff for $10 and getting $10 back for the effort, this is a great deal for the adventurous. It's a low risk way to try out brands, colors, and flavors you've never tried before, and then you can spend the promotional credit on your favorite new thing. Plus, the grooming and beauty sample boxes give you a bunch of samples you could put in a travel or hiking kit.

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If you're not the risk-taking type, look at it this way: buy the practical boxes filled with samples of stuff you'd use anyway. Boxes like the Men's Grooming Supplies or the Snack box are great examples of this. You were probably going to groom yourself anyway, and you were probably going to eat some snacks at some point. This way you get the stuff you need, and then you'll get credit to spend on the stuff you definitely know you want - a brand or product you're comfortable with.

Who can participate?

The entire sample box thing is limited to Amazon Prime members only. You can become a member here, or just sign up for the 30-day free trial if there's one particular sample box you'd like to get. There are a ton of other reasons to be an Amazon Prime member, of course, but this is definitely a nice one.

How does the credit work?

First off, it's not a general use Amazon credit. The credit has to go toward a full-sized item from a limited selection based on the sample you bought. Once you've bought your sample box, Amazon will send you an email detailing everything you need to know to use your credit. For example, here is a page for men's grooming supplies and it shows exactly what the $10 credit for that box can be used for. The credit cannot be used on items sold by third parties, and it expires six months after it is issued.

Where's the sample box I saw yesterday?

We're not entirely sure what prompts the sample boxes to come and go, but the inventory changes pretty frequently. There are a few that we have seen very regularly like the K-Cup sample box, the Snack sample box, and the Men's Grooming Supplies. If those aren't there, you can bet they'll be back when Amazon gets more samples. Others are more rare, so if you don't hit the trigger on one that piques your interest you might not see it again.

What sample boxes are available now (sorted by price):

K-Cups Coffee

  • This box has 7 samples for $7.99. The coffee included in this box comes from Peet's Coffee, Brooklyn Bean, The Original Donut Shop, Caribou, Green Mountain, and Newman's Own. Use your promotional credit here.

Aveeno Products

  • This box includes 8 samples for $7.99. The samples range from several types of daily moisturizer, sunblock, and shampoo and conditioner. Use the promotional credit here.

Men's Daily Grooming

  • This box includes 6 samples for $9.99. You'll find items like a razer, tooth paste, deodorant, face wipes and more inside. The promotional credit can be used on these items.

Dog Food and Treats

  • This box includes 6 samples for $11.99. It offers samples of different dry and wet dog food, as well as a few different treats (some of which are grain free!). You can use the promotional credit on these items.

Luxury Sun Care

  • This box includes 8 samples for $14.99. From tinted mineral cream to sun screen and even lipstick, you'll find samples here that you will want to try. You can use the promotional credit on these items.

Men's Luxury Grooming

  • This box includes 14 samples for $19.99. You'll find samples of beard cream, skin rejuvenation cream, and even cologne samples. You can use the promotional credit on these items.

Mr. Olympia Sports Nutrition Sample Box

  • This box includes 12 samples for $9.99. You'll receive a mix of protein bars, shakes and powders among others. The promo credit you earn can be used on select Sports Nutrition products.

This list will change constantly! Some of these may disappear and new ones might appear on the landing page.

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