Best automatic cat feeders Thrifter 2020

Maintaining a proper feeding routine for your cats is essential to keeping them happy, healthy, and well-fed. Unfortunately, that may be difficult to accomplish just due to having a regular 9-to-5 work schedule, not to mention any vacations you may wish to take. With an automatic cat feeder, you can make sure your feline friend is fed at specific times throughout the day even when no one is home.

Slow feeder: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

Staff Pick

This pet feeder lets you get specific about the portions of food your pet eats each meal. It works with both dry and semi-moist pet food and can also slowly feed your cat for those who tend to eat too quickly.

$77.43 at Amazon

More meals: Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder

Roffie's automatic cat feeder can hold a massive amount of food inside its large capacity — nearly 30 cups in fact. You can schedule up to 4 meals per day, adjust portion size per meal, and even record a message to play when food is dispensed.

$79.99 at Amazon

Not yours!: SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is a perfect pick for homes with more than one animal. You can assign the microchip ID of your preferred pet to this product so that the lid will only open when that specific pet is around. That helps keep out any pets who might help themselves to a meal otherwise.

$149.99 at Amazon

Record your voice: Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Wopet's pet feeder lets you schedule up to four automatic feedings each day using its programmable timer. You can plug it into the wall or use batteries to power it on, and it even lets you record a special message to play when food is dispensed. Its food storage compartment is able to hold up to 20 cups of food at a time.

$89.95 at Amazon

Feed from anywhere: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Schedule up to 12 meals for your cat with PetSafe's smart feed automatic cat feeder using the smart feed app on your phone! The app also has a button to let you feed your pet manually, though it's only intended for use with dry food.

$113.95 at Amazon

Wet or dry: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer

This automatic pet feeder by Cat Mate is designed to feed your pet up to five meals while you're away from home. It's one of the few models which is suitable to use with wet food, and it's also dishwaser-safe and easy to clean.

$49.95 at Amazon

Choose a color: AmazonBasics Electronic Timed Pet Feeder

This electronic timed pet feeder feature six separate food cells where you can store dry or semi-moist food to feed your pet automatically while you're away. The built-in timer lets you schedule meals for up to 24 hours into the future. Plus, it comes in four different color options.

$39.75 at Amazon

More or less: PetSafe Automatic Cat and Dog Food Dispenser

This PetSafe automatic food dispenser is designed with six meal bowls that can each hold up to 1 cup of food. You can fill it with smaller meals to keep your cat from eating too much too fast. It features a dishwasher-safe plastic food tray, too.

$63.95 at Amazon

Which is the best?

Routinely feeding your cat is important, but so is feeding them the right portions. When you're shopping for your automatic pet feeder, you'll want to consider a few key factors such as whether the feeder can hold wet or only dry food, how fast it dispenses food, and how many meals it's capable of holding all at once. If your cat is a quick eater, it might be important to find a feeder that can dispense food slowly or one that lets you feed your pet more than three meals per day.

PetSafe is one of the top brands for automatic pet feeders, and the Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder is one of our favorites. It works with dry and semi-moist pet food that's up to 3/4-inch in diameter and features slow feed options for pets who eat too quickly. It lets you schedule up to 12 meals per day and even comes with a stainless steel food bowl. This AmazonBasics Electronic Timed Pet Feeder could be a better option if your pet doesn't require slow feeding. It features six cup-sized food cells where you can store food that will dispense for your pet based on the built-in electronic timer which you can set up to 24 hours in advance.

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