Best baby carriers Thrifter 2022

Babies are awesome, but they also are... a lot. Unfortunately, the rest of your life isn't going to stop moving along while you deal with this new bundle of complications. That's why you need a baby carrier because you can still bond with and take care of your little one while also getting back to the other things you need to do. Many baby carriers have multiple positions you can choose from as well, so you can put your baby on your back if you need to carry stuff or keep them in front of you while they sleep on your chest.

Infantino Flip Advanced

Best overall: Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 ergonomic carrier

Top Pick

Designed so you can choose how to carry your baby. Fits any child between eight and 32 pounds. Includes an economic seat with adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to help you shift the weight to your hips so it's more comfortable.

$25 at Amazon
Baby Wrap

Compact and lightweight: Ergobaby Embrace cozy newborn baby wrap

Made with a knit fabric designed to be soft and comfortable for the baby without any complicated wrappings. Includes support from the waistbelt and spreadable cross straps. It's also small enough to store in a diaper bag. Can support babies between seven and 25 pounds.

$79 at Amazon
You And Me Carrier

Breathable mesh: You+Me 4-in-1 ergonomic baby carrier

Carry the baby on your back or facing you in the front. There are four different positions available. The carrier is designed with a breathable cool mesh lining for airflow that keeps you and baby cool. Also comes with a bandana bib you can use for your little drooler. Supports eight to 32 pounds.

$27 at Amazon
Ergobaby Omni

For bigger babies: Ergobaby Omni 360 all-position baby carrier

Supports babies up to 45 pounds, the most of any carrier on this list. Made with 100% premium cotton with extra lumbar support, padded shoulder straps, and more all for your comfort. Also has a removable storage pouch and a baby hood for both sun protection and privacy.

$163 at Amazon
Keababies Carrier

Multiple colors: KeaBabies stretchy baby wrap carrier

Available in several colors. The material is designed to stretch so the baby's weight doesn't hurt your back or shoulders while still keeping baby snug and secure. Can support babies up to 35 pounds.

$25 at Amazon
Boba Wrap

Like a burrito: Boba Wrap baby carrier and infant sling

Uses a machine washable fabric so it's easy to care for. The ergonomic wrap is designed with weight distribution in mind so holding your baby is not uncomfortable. Plus every time you tie the wrap, you create a seat for baby. Made with Spandex so it won't lose its shape or sag when you readjust it.

$40 at Amazon

Get together

The 4-in-1 baby carriers are the best because you can really shift your baby around as your plans change throughout the day. Sometimes you want to be able to play with your baby and look at them in the eyes, and sometimes you need to put them on your back while you move around and do some other work. The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 ergonomic carrier gives you all those options while also helping you stay comfortable with a waist belt to shift the weight and padding all around.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is a premium carrier that also includes multiple positions. The great thing about this one is that it comes with a removable storage pouch where you can keep some emergency supplies and a baby hood that can either help protect your baby from the sun or give you some privacy if you're breastfeeding. Add to that the extra lumbar support, and it's a great purchase for all those extras.

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