Best Baby Hangers Thrifter 2020

Our kid isn't even two years old and the sheer amount of baby clothes we've gotten for him, whether buying it ourselves or having it gifted to us from friends and family, could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. He has more clothes than I do with a full closet to prove it. You've got to stay on top of all of these clothes, and if you want to stay organized you need some solid hangers for your baby's outfits. We fold a lot, like his pajamas, but hangers help you keep things coordinated, which is important if you want your baby to be styling. So here's a roundup of some of the best baby hangers available on Amazon.

Best Value: Hangorize 60 Premium Children's hangers

Top Pick

These hangers are high-impact and very durable. They will last you a long time, and the neutral white color makes them good for any child. Pink and Blue options are also available for a couple bucks more.

$20 at Amazon

Best Variety: AmazonBasics 30 or 50-pack Kids Velvet Hangers

You can get regular hangers colored biege or gray. You can also get packs in blue, pink, or purple and with polka dots. The variety gives you a lot of ways to play around with your clothes and your closet's organization. These are metal hangers with velvet to hold your baby's clothes gently and durably.

$20 at Amazon

Best Colors: Tosnail 60-pack 6-color kids' hangers

Use the colors to coordinate your baby's closet. Especially useful if you have more than one kid sharing the space. Separate outer wear, pajamas, and more according to the color you use.

$21 at Amazon

Best Quality: Zober 30-pack premium kids velvet hangers

Built using metal and black velvet, these hangers look good enough to wear. The velvet helps keep your baby's clothes from slipping off, and the stainless steel hook swivels 360 degrees for repositioning. These are also ultra-thin to take up less overall space.

$18 at Amazon

Best Clips: Topia Hanger wooden pants/skirt hangers for kids

The premium metal non-slip clips are perfect for hanging shorts, pants, and other clothes that can't be hung the normal way. They have special rubber cushioning to prevent scratches or marks. The clips can be easily adjusted for width as well. These are eco-friendly hangers made from wood and given a smooth finish without using any paint.

$15 at Amazon

Best Simplicity: Casafield 50 velvet baby hangers

These hangers are durable, lightweight, and ultra-thin. They prioritize practicality over fancy colors or styling. The chrome hook swivels 360 degrees and is rust resistant. The hangers also hold up to 5 pounds while staying easy on baby's clothes with the velvet lining.

$21 at Amazon

All the Clothes

We have a nice large closet for baby clothes, and we've separated it into sections. There's a spot for coats, jackets, and things like that. Then we have coordinated outfits that have a shirt and pants that go together. Then there's fancier shirts with buttons and long sleeves and things like that. You need a lot of hangers to fill a closet with all those clothes. Sometimes you just need numbers, and that's why it's nice to see such good value in 50 packs like these from AmazonBasics or the Casafield hangers.

If space is an issue for you or you just have too much to organize, then go with the color coded set from Tosnail. You can use the different colors to mean different things. That can make life a lot simpler when doing the laundry, too. Just grab the color that goes with that shirt you're looking at and it'll be ready to go.

One problem with baby hangers is that they tend to break a lot. Especially the plastic ones. If you're tired of going through hangers, look for premium metal hangers that use a velvet lining like Zober's 30-pack. We also wanted to recommend Closet Complete's heavyweight and unbreakable hangers for exactly this sort of problem, but they are temporarily out of stock. You should definitely keep an eye out though, if hangers like that are of interest to you.

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