Best baby playpens Thrifter 2022

Babies are amazing, and watching them grow and learn is one of the most amazing experiences you can have as a new parent. However, it's also a little scary because once they start crawling there is no stopping them. And you suddenly realize everything you own is a danger. A great playpen is a perfect way to give your child the freedom to roll, crawl, and play while keeping him or her in a secure spot so they can't get hurt. We've got all the best playpens available on Amazon right now.


Best Overall: Uanlauo foldable baby playpen safety play yard

Foldable and easy to pack up and take with you. Has a buckle design that makes it super easy to put together whenever you need it. Set it up indoors or out, and it has rubber feet so it won't go sliding around wherever you put it. Playpens are a great way to distract your baby and keep them safe at the same time.

$140 at Amazon
Liamst Playpen

Best Simple Design: Liamst extra large baby playpenwith gate

Made with durable materials and features strong fabric mesh walls that will keep your baby from escaping but also give a little so they don't hurt themselves. There are non-slip suction cups on the bottom so it's hard to tip over or move. It's easy to clean, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to store when you don't need it.

$127 at Amazon
Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Best for Outdoor Stability: Evenflo versatile portable play space

Includes 18.5 square feet of space, has a durable construction that can survive kids up to 24 months years old, and easy assembly. It's very portable with plenty of space for your kid to play, and the reversible legs allow you to place it outside with stakes that keep it secure. The interior surfaces have non-scratch floor pads, too.

$65 at Amazon
Playpen Costzon

Double Doors: Costzon extra large baby playpen

The playpen is surrounded by breathable and visible mesh walls. You can interact with your child, keep an eye on them, and keep them safe inside the play area. With doors on either side of the playpen, you can easily reach your baby no matter where they are or give them an avenue for travel. Comes with 50 colorful ocean balls for added fun.

$150 at Amazon
Baby Playpen Activity Center

Best Multi-color Design: Baby Playpen kids activity center

Uses a rubber base underneath to keep it sturdy, has an anti-clip design so kids won't get their fingers stuck, and the safety lock helps ensure the kids remain safely contained. This is a 14-panel playpen with plenty of room to move around and play.

$150 at Amazon
Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe

Best Multi-Purpose: Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 nursery center

Includes a full-size bassinet, a flip-away changing table, and a napper with a canopy and two toys. Remove all of those from the bottom part so you can use it as a playpen or even storage for baby's things. There's a one-hand locking mechanism that makes it easy to use even while holding your baby.

$90 at Amazon

Keep baby safe

If your kid is anything like mine, he will crave freedom. Breaking out of the playpen wasn't just a challenge but a priority. It's not that he didn't appreciate the activities, it's just that it's hard to plan world domination from behind a gate. So if you want a playpen, you need one that's truly secure, very stable, and that comes with plenty of security features to help keep baby contained. At the same time, it should be bright and colorful with plenty of play space and room for activities. If you want a playpen for the outdoors, you should grab Evenflo's versatile playpen because it has reversible legs that can form stakes to stick in the ground and keep it secure. No toppling over in the yard! The Fortella Cloud Castle is also a super-secure option that includes a safety lock on the gate, but it also has a lot of activities built into the panels including a whiteboard for your child to draw on.

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