Best baby scales Thrifter 2022

Those first few early months of having a baby are spent monitoring everything about your baby from how much they eat to how much they sleep. You want him or her to be as healthy as possible, and sometimes you really need to keep an eye on certain things like weight and growth over time to make sure your baby is right on track. If you're interested in keeping an eye on baby's changes over time even between doctor's visits, then a baby scale can help you do just that. Some of these scales even include Bluetooth so you can track baby's weight on your smartphone. We have the best baby scales available right here.

Salter Scale

Best Value: Salter Baby Toddler scale

Top Pick

Includes a 21.5 x 10 inch plastic scoop platform and has a 44-pound capacity. Keep baby's weight on the display even while they wiggle with the hold function. Zero function helps figure out the weight without diapers or clothing for an accurate reading. Has a removable tray for toddlers.

$50 on Amazon
Unicherry Grwoth Baby Scale

Best for Pets and Babies: Unicherry multi-function digital baby scale

Works for pets and babies and maxes out at 44 pounds. Includes height measurement as well. Plenty of functionality including a Zero function and a Hold function for a squirming baby. The large LCD display with bright backlighting is easy to read from any angle.

$51 on Amazon
Ozeri All In One Baby Scale

Best Weight Capacity: Ozeri all-in-one baby and toddler scale

Measures both weight and height and can keep track of net change between weigh-ins. There's even a head circumference measuring tape. Has a maximum weight capacity of 55 pounds. Includes built-in memory to track up to eight infants or toddlers.

$52 on Amazon
Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale

Best for Bluetooth: Unicherry Bluetooth digital baby scale

Connect the scale to the mobile app and use the Bluetooth to track baby's weight, height, and growth over time. Monitor that your child is maintaining a healthy weight and get automatic calculations using accepted growth standards. Get readings in pounds, ounces, or kilograms.

$53 at Amazon
Health O Meter Baby Scale

Best 2-in-1: Health-o-Meter Grow With Me 2-in-1 baby to toddler scale

Includes a security lock for stability, a Hold function that helps when your baby can't sit still, and a toddler scale for when your baby gets too big. It has a capacity up to 60 pounds and a large LCD display so it's easy to read. The included book helps you track weight and height and make sure your baby is healthy. Has a 10-year warranty.

$55 on Amazon
Motorola Baby And Me Scale

Best for Papa and Baby: Motorola smart nursery Baby & Me scale

Create profiles for your entire family and track everyone's body weight. The smart scale can transmit to the free app via Bluetooth and help you see progress over time. There's a normal mode for normal people and a Baby & Me mode that can acquire the weight of you and baby together to help you find baby's weight.

$30 at Amazon

Healthy and Happy

Babies can be hard to weigh. They don't really understand what you're trying to do, and they are really curious about basically everything going on around them. That's why baby scales are important compared to regular scales. You want something with a "Hold function," which a lot of our options here have. The Hold function on the Salter baby toddler scale helps you get an accurate measurement of your baby's weight even while baby is squirming and wriggling.

The weight of your baby is also going to change a lot. They grow fast. Faster than you realize if you haven't had one before. So it's also particularly helpful to have something like the Unicherry Bluetooth baby scale because you can connect the scale to your phone and track your baby's weight over time. There's nothing to remember from your perspective and you can track the changes over time. Many of the smart options give you that ability while still providing accurate measurements as well.

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