Best bath bombs Thrifter 2022

Don't allow self-care to fall by the wayside. Carving out moments in your week for relaxation and a bit of alone time is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Bath bombs have become such a popular product in recent years not simply because of how fun and colorful they appear, but also because of how they sneak this necessary time for rejuvenation into peoples' lives. With a mix of essential oils and natural ingredients, bath bombs are excellent to use for skin nourishment and even aromatherapy.

Inteye Bath Bombs Set

Best bath bombs: Inteye Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb Gift Set

Staff Pick

Shower your loved one (or yourself) with bath bombs featuring various colors and fragrances. This 24-piece set includes four small boxes that each have six unique bath bombs which fizzle and float in water. They also incorporate a selection of organic and natural essential oils to help nourish your skin and provide some much-needed relaxation.

$25 at Amazon
Bellisso Ultra Lux Bath Bombs Set

Best XL bath bombs: Bellisso Bath Bombs Ultra Lux Gift Set

Bellisso's vegan bath bombs use natural and rejuvenating ingredients like sunflower oils, soothing shea butter, cocoa butter, dead sea salt, and Vitamin E to promote smoother, glowing skin. This set includes six extra large bath bombs that take a longer time to fizzle away than many other options.

$10 at Amazon
Nagaliving Bath Bombs Gift Set

Flower power: 5+1 Bath Bombs Gift Set

Along with five 100% handmade bath bombs infused with essential oils, this set also comes with a soap flower and a colorful tin case that could double as gift wrapping. These fizzy bath bombs include shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and other organic natural essential oils.

$10 at Amazon
Nagaliving Bath Bombs Gift Set 20pk

Soak & relax: Nagaliving Bath Bombs Gift Set

Nagaliving's gift set comes with ten types of bath bombs and two of each kind. These bath bombs were designed with skin nourishment in mind and feature rose, lemon, mint, lavender, and geranium essential oils.

$21 at Amazon
Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs Set

A bigger bomb: Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bubbly Belle packs this set with 12 extra-large bath bombs that can provide hours of relaxation. With essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, and more, these premium bath bombs offer an aromatherapy experience that's truly off the charts.

$27 at Amazon
Rainbow Bath Bombs Set

All the colors: Rainbow Bath Bombs Gift Set

Hidden inside these white, cloud-shaped bath bombs is a rainbow of colors that release once they hit the water. These bath bombs are filled with natural and organic ingredients while leaving out artificial colors and parabens.

$20 at Amazon
Dinosaur Surprise Bath Bombs

Soakin' with a Stegosaurus: Bath Bombs for Kids with Dinosaur Surprise

These bath bombs fizzle away to unveil a hidden surprise dinosaur toy inside! They're made with essential oils, organic shea butter, and color your bath water without staining the tub or your skin.

$30 at Amazon
Da Bomb Bath Bomb Glow

Illuminate your tub: Da Bomb Glow Bath Bomb

Most bath bombs are sold in sets, but if you're just looking for a single bath bomb, this option from Da Bomb is a great pick. It's a honeydew bath fizzer that has a glowing surprise inside that bathers of any age will enjoy.

$8 at Amazon

Which to choose?

With so many bath bombs available at Amazon, it can be just a bit difficult to decide on one product to purchase. Luckily, that also means there's a ton of variety available. You can find bath bombs that make your water glow or extra large bath bombs that take longer to dissolve. There are bath bombs for kids with toy dinosaurs inside and rainbow bath bombs that unleash a stream of fun colors.

We named this 24-piece organic bath bomb set as our favorite pick primarily due to its use of organic ingredients and the overall variety of scented bath bombs that are included. They're all handmade with natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, and grape seed oil. Plus, the set packages them into four small boxes each filled with six bath bombs which makes them easy to give a few as a gift to family or a friend.

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