Best bathroom scales Thrifter 2022

It's actually surprising how advanced a seemingly unimportant tool like your bathroom scale can get. These days you've got smart scales that can sync to your phone or track multiple users in your home. Sometimes you just need a classic scale that's going to show you your weight and that's it. Get as much help or as little help as you want with some of the best options available on Amazon.

Taylor Scale

Best Overall: Taylor Precision Products digital bathroom scale

Top Pick

The great thing about this one is it comes in a variety of styles that are all around the same cost. It has four precision sensors for the best accuracy, and it can measure weight in 0.2-pound increments. Has a capacity of 400 pounds. Other features include an easy-to-read display, a low battery indicator, and the ability to turn itself on and off.

$21 at Amazon
Eufy P1 Anker

Smart: Eufy P1 Bluetooth smart scale

This scale can actually record 14 different measurements to help you out, including your weight, your body fat, your BMI, and more. It also works with third-party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. The two G-shaped sensors are super sensitive and super accurate. Plus, if you have several members of your family using the scale it can track up to 16 different users.

$30 at Amazon
Wyze Scale

Sync It: Wyze Bluetooth smart scale

You can see 12 essential metrics of your body including body fat percentage, lean body mass, and other measurements with this scale. Use it with the Wyze app or other fitness apps to set some goals and stick to them. The Wyze scale can even track your heart rate and has glass that acts as a full sensor, measuring you no matter where you place your feet. It can also track up to eight users.

$34 at Amazon

Automatic Callibration: Etekcity Digital bathroom scale

Includes step-on tech that will automatically turn the scale on and off when it detects you. It can measure up to 400 pounds and has four high-precision sensors that make it super accurate to within 0.1 pounds. The scale has automatic calibration, a low battery indicator, and an overload indication all displayable on an easy-to-read backlit LCD.

$17 at Amazon

Super Accurate: AccuCheck digital body weight scale

The scale is designed to check and then double-check its measurements, making sure the initial reading was as accurate as possible even after you step off the scale. It even has indicators for this with an orange light showing you've been weighed and a green light showing you've been verified.

$21 at Amazon
Withings Smart Scale

Premium Options: Withings Body+ digital smart scale

This scale will automatically sync with your smartphone app to deliver data from every weigh-in. It can actually work with more than 100 health and fitness apps including Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. The scale itself uses position control technology to make sure you're in the same stance every weigh-in, for not only precise accuracy but consistency over time. There are even extra features like a pregnancy tracker and a baby mode for the youngest members of the family.

$99 at Amazon

New Goals

The bathroom scale is a stable of any bathroom, even if it's hiding under a cabinet or in the corner somewhere. If you haven't bought one in a while, your old one may be drained and you may be ready for a fresh start. Some of these scales actually have smart features that help you set and track all new goals, whether that be tracking your baby's growth while pregnant or working on a new weight loss program. If all you really need is a way to look at your weight, grab the Taylor Precision Products bathroom scale. It's simple, well-designed, and extremely accurate.

Upgrade to some smart features for just a little more with the Eufy P1 Bluetooth scale. It's powerful enough to work with apps on your smartphone and still accurate enough to get your weight right every time, along with nearly a dozen other measurements.

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