Best bird cages Thrifter 2022

Birds can make great pets, but what you really need is a great bird cage. Give your new friend the right amount of space while also making it easy on yourself when it comes to interaction with your feathered companion. These great bird cages make cleaning, feeding, and playing super easy. Some offer you options for when you have several birds, and some are great for just one or two. Here are the best bird cages on Amazon.

Prevue Hendryx

Best Overall: Prevue Hendryx flight cage

Top Pick

The Hendryx is designed to house multiple birds, including parakeets, canaries, and finch. There are two large front doors for easy access, plenty of room for a little flight, and four wood perches with two plastic cups.

$84 at Amazon
Yaheetech Open Top Cage

Open Top: Yaheetech 64-inch open top bird cage

The primary features of this cage are the top you can choose to open for an extra perch for your bird. It includes four polished wooden perches and a swing, along with four feeding bowls. The cage is great for two to three small to medium-sized birds. There are side panels that can act as feeding doors to make refills easy.

$73 at Amazon
Pawhut Cage

Wheels: PawHut rolling metal bird cage

There are four wooden perches and four plastic food containers inside this cage, and there's also a middle grate that can be pulled out so you can decide between two smaller individual cages or one large cage. You have two large front doors and four sliding panels that serve as feeding doors to access food and water and such. The main body is detachable from the rest so you can carry it, but you can also roll it with the quiet, universal wheels.

$140 at Amazon
Prevue Flight Cage

Stackable: Prevue Pet Products flight cage

This is just one cage, but it's designed to stack so you could buy multiple cages and put them on top of each other if you need more space. Comes with two plastic cups and two wood perches. There's a large front door for easy access, too.

$48 at Amazon
Yaheetech Roof Cage

Play Time: Yaheetech 39-inch medium-sized bird cage

Let your birds have a little fun with this cage. It has two toys, a ladder, and a swing that you can hang inside the cage. It's a great cage for small birds like budgies, canaries, and lovebirds. There are two wide-open swing doors for easy access and seven small doors for assembling feeders. Has a slide-out tray and detachable mesh grate.

$60 at Amazon
Xzone Pet Bag

Travel: X-Zone pet bird travel carrier

This cage is lightweight and designed to be carried for easy travel. It is specifically designed to protect your bird from the sun, too, in case you're moving outside. It's still transparent on two sides, which helps reduce your bird's stress while also giving you a good view. There's plenty of airflow, too, so the cage stays ventilated.

$50 at Amazon


The wrong cage can be stifling, so it's awesome when you can find one that gives your feathered friends some room to spread their wings. The Prevue Hendryx flight cage is just such an option. It has plenty of perches and multiple food containers. Plus there are two large front doors so you can easily access the inside area. If you love small birds like canaries and finches, this will be a whole new home for them.

Of course, you might need a cage for a particular situation, and you might want the PawHut cage if you need something with wheels that you can easily move around. it has a lot of flexibility as a cage, too, including a storage tray at the bottom for whatever you need to keep nearby, There's a grate you can remove so that the cage can be either two small cages or one big one. Plus it still has plenty of doors and access with perches for your bird friends to keep happy.

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