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Black Friday brings with it a ton of discounts, and one of the more surprising product categories to see steep discounts in this year is the unlocked phone world. From Motorola to OnePlus, we are seeing big discounts on a wide variety of devices this year. Some of these are Prime-exclusive devices, meaning that they come pre-loaded with some additional Amazon apps, but that's a small trade off for some of these discount amounts.

Smartphone Deals

Unlocked smartphones can be expensive, so any chance to save a few bucks on one you should jump at. Samsung, LG, Motorola, and plenty of other brands are offering some great discounts on popular devices.

Smartwatch Deals

Whether you're looking for a full smartwatch to compliment your new phone or just something to track your activity on a daily basis, there are a bunch of different options available right now.

Accessory Deals

You're going to want some new accessories to compliment your new or existing phone as well. Bluetooth headphones, photography accessories, and more make great gifts for someone else or even yourself!

Best of the Best Deals

If you only have a few minutes to look for a good place to spend your money this holiday shopping season, these are the deals that you absolutely won't want to miss out on. Some will sell out quickly, so don't delay your purchase.