Best Bleach Sprayers Thrifter 2022

Some jobs just need harsh chemicals like bleach. Unfortunately, we humans are not really designed for handling things like that. That's why we invented tools! There is a fantastic selection of bleach sprayers that are loaded with features to help handle your solutions, including chemical-resistant seals and adjustable nozzles for handling a variety of projects. Not all sprayers can actually handle bleach, even if they can handle other chemicals. And even if they can handle bleach, sometimes it requires a specific solution so be wary of that. We've got the best bleach sprayers right here.

Smith 190285 1-gallon sprayer

Best Value: Smith 190285 1-gallon Bleach and Chemical Sprayer

Top Pick

Easy to use: just fill, pressurize, and spray. Works with bleach and other harsh chemicals. Shut-off can lock for continuous spraying. Has replaceable Viton seals and gaskets. Clean bricks, tubs, showers, siding, and more.

$16 at Amazon
Yt25e battery-powered Sprayer

Best Battery-Powered: YT25E 2-gallon battery sprayer

Sprays up to 18 tanks on a single charge. Includes high-grade Viton seals for handling various applications. The powder-coated brass wand and adjustable nozzle are included. Has constant 30 PSI pressure, and it's still lightweight and ultra-portable.

$146 at Amazon
Field King Backpack Sprayer

Best Backpack: Field King 4-gallon backpack sprayer

Tote your sprayer around on your back to make it easier to carry more liquid at once. This Field King model delivers up to 150 PSI and has a 21-inch wand with a lockable shut off and an in-line filter. Its internal no-leak pump design also means it won't drip chemicals down your back. Comes with adjustable padded straps, a waist belt, and chest cinch strap.

$74 at Amazon
Smith 190216 2-gallon sprayer

Best Versatility: Smith 190217 3-gallon sprayer

Versatile and works with all sorts of harsh chemicals whether you're spraying your lawn or cleaning your shower. Has a 21-inch wand with Viton seals that have long-term resistance to chemicals. Includes five different nozzles.

$47 at Amazon
Solo 430 2g Sprayer

Best Ease of Use: Solo 430-2G 2-gallon farm and garden sprayer

The sprayer includes an easy-to-fill funnel top and large secondary opening that's easy to clean. It has a 28-inch wand for extended reach and a commercial shut-off valve. Includes four assorted nozzles and chemical resistant seals.

$32 at Amazon
Chapin Bleach budget Sprayer

Best on a Budget: Chapin International 20075 1-gallon disinfectant bleach sprayer

Has a funnel top and a translucent tank so it's easy to fill and clean. Works with bleach and fungicides. Includes a comfortable grip with poly shut-off and a reinforced hose and wand holder. The cone nozzle is also adjustable.

$14 at Amazon

Spray and pray

You might not think of bleach sprayers having a ton of versatility, but you'd be surprised. There are just so many different jobs you might be using that bleach for. While most of the tanks hover aorund one or two gallons, you might need a 4-gallon tank like what the Chapin backpack sprayer has. The padded straps mean you can keep it on your back for a long period of time, too, so you can cover a larger job without having to stop and refill the tank or clean it out or anything else.

You also want a very durable sprayer when it comes to bleach as bleach tends to do a lot of work even on the tools you're using to contain it. The Smith 1-gallon chemical sprayer has a ton of value because it uses Viton seals and o-rings for great resistance, which means it will last you a long time. You can find Viton seals on other sprayers on this list, too, like the YT25E 2-gallon battery sprayer, which has the added benefit of being battery powered. You'll be able to move around a lot more with a battery-powered sprayer, and the battery lasts so long you can go through 18 tanks before needing to recharge.

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