Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Thrifter 2022

How much time do you spend looking at screens? If it involves your job, you might spend several hours looking at computer screens. Then add all the time looking at your phone or watching TV or your tablet at night. Then think about the blue light eminating from those flourescent lights at the office. That's a lot of exposure to blue light, which can really put a strain on your eyes. Constantly exposing your eyes to blue light causes them to feel strained and go dry, which can increase your irritability and even cause insomnia. Here are some of the best glasses for blocking blue light.

Gamma Ray Orange Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Overall: Gamma Ray Optics anti-glare orange glasses

Top Pick

Designed to block out up to 97% of blue light, which can cause insomnia and eye strain. These glasses don't look terrible, either, so you'll look good, feel better, and see well. Unisex design for men or women.

$18 at Amazon
Aosm 2 Pack Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Two Pack: Aosm Blue Light Blocking computer reading glasses

These are non-polarized composite lenses with a 2.1 inch width. Two glasses means you can share with someone else who deals with eye strain or dryness from looking at screens all day. The design works for both men and women.

$14 at Amazon
Sojos Round Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Style: Sojos retro-style blue light blocking glasses

Metal frames and a polycarbonate lens. These are non-polarized glasses that block out the majority of blue light so you can avoid eye strain and redness. You'll find multiple styles available, too, so pick your favorite.

$11 at Amazon
Gamma Ray Amber Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Amber Tint: Gamma Ray amber-tinted blue light blocking glasses

These glasses have a plastic frame and anti-reflective lenses that are non-polarized. If you spend a lot of time looking at screens or working under flourescent lights, then you need a nice pair of blue light blockers. These will stay comfortable for a long time, too.

$17 at Amazon
Prospek Magnification Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Magnification: Prospek professional blue light blocking glasses

Have a magnification of +2.25, and there are different magnifications available. You should notice a difference with these glasses right away. They will block all the blue light out without leaving a harsh yellow look. They also have a lifetime warranty.

$39 at Amazon
Spectra 479 Blue Blocking Glasses

Best Sporty Fit: Spectra 479 nighttime eyewear blue light blocking glasses

The wraparound sporty fit prevents any of that pesky blue light from sneaking in. The tint is still light enough that you won't even notice you're wearing them after a while. Can block 100% of light between 280 and 490 nm and 99.82% of light up to 510 nm.

$35 at Amazon

Blue Light Special

It's weird trying to understand the impact of blue light on the eyes without learning a lot more about the eyes. We don't really know everything there is to know. For example, small amounts of blue light can be a good thing. Blue light's high energy and short wavelengths can help boost alertness and even help memory. But too much of a good thing can be bad, so when you're over-exposed it becomes draining and can even lead to a lack of sleep. Grab something like the Gamma Ray Optics orange-tined glasses to help remove all the excess blue light.

The great thing about having such a variety of options to choose from is you also get a variety of styles and functionality. Sojos has several stylish options to choose from that won't look terrible if you have to wear them in public or at the office. The Spectra 479 glasses look almost like the sort of goggles you'd wear to swim or go to the gym, and the wraparound design actually helps block out even more blue light.

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