Best bluegrass seed Thrifter 2022

In the world of grass, there might not be a more famous name than Kentucky Bluegrass. It's even the nickname of the state and has inspired its own musical genre. There's a reason for all of that. Bluegrass is versatile, widely used, and adapts easily to lawns and pastures throughout the northern states in America. The perennial lawn grass tends to be very resistant to the harshness of winter, which is unique and very important if you live in a climate with rough winters. Plus, while the grass can be vulnerable to heat, it has the ability to self-repair quite quickly. Here are some of the best bluegrass seed mixes you can find on Amazon right now.

Scotts Turf Builder Bluegrass

Best Value: Scotts Turf Builder Kentucky Bluegrass 7-pound mix

Top Pick

Can seed up to 4,660 square feet and continuously self-repairs so it can withstand wear and tear. Has a fine-bladed texture and medium drought resistance. The WaterSmart Plus coating helps it absorb water and protects seedlings from disease.

$40 on Amazon
Black Beauty

Best Insect Resistance: Jonathan Green Black Beauty seed mix

Covers up to 2,800 square feet. Includes elite Kentucky Bluegrass, Black Beauty Tall Fescue, and elite Perennial Ryegrass. The mix is naturally resistant to insects, grows well in clay or sandy soil, and can work in both full sun or partial shade.

$30 at Amazon
Jacklin Seed mix

Best Pure Mix: Jacklin Seed 5-pound Kentucky Bluegrass

Mixes Everest, Jackpot, Nuglade, and Impact Kentucky Bluegrass. That means you get a dense, desired turf with a variety of features including shade tolerance, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and hardiness from winter frost.

$43 at Amazon
GreenView Grass Seed

Best for Foot Traffic: GreenView Fairway Formula 3-pound Kentucky Bluegrass blend

This formula is designed for lawns and areas with foot traffic because it will resist the movement and repair itself quickly when injured. The deep green color will look beautiful, too. Has drought and disease resistance.

$20 at Amazon
Natures Seed Lawn Seed

Best Ryegrass Mix: Nature's Seed 10-pound Kentucky Bluegrass blend

Blend of bluegrass with perennial ryegrass. The ryegrass establishes itself quickly and the bluegrass comes in later for color and feel. The two work together and perform well in a variety of conditions. Covers up to 2,000 square feet.

$59 at Amazon
Midnight Bluegrass Kentucky

For large areas: Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seed 10-pound bag

This 10-pound bag should be able to cover up to 3,000 square feet. It has a deep green blue color and the seeds are certified for maximum results. Can mix well with Fescue.

$60 at Amazon

Build your lawn

Bluegrass looks amazing. It has a deep, rich, green color and covers your yard in a luxurious blanket of grass. Of course, in order to keep it looking its best, it does need quite a lot of maintenance. In a normal environment, Kentucky Bluegrass needs at least one inch of water a week either from rain or your personal irrigation to keep it growing and looking strong. Scotts Turf Builder Bluegrass seed uses a WaterSmart Plus technology that makes its seeds absorb more water and require a little less maintenance than other options.

This grass is very strong, though. Unlike other grass seeds like Bermuda grass, Bluegrass can survive harsh winters and even thrive when given the chance to self-repair. Oftentimes the best time to plant Bluegrass is in the fall right before winter, too. Get the Jacklin Seed bag that mixes four different types of Kentucky Bluegrass for a lawn that not only resists winter but is also designed to survive disease and drought. Make hardiness your goal so you can have a lawn that lasts for a long, long time.

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