Best BMX Bikes Thrifter 2022

If you just want to bike, then bike, but BMX is a sport. It's competitive. And like any competitive activity, you need the best equipment if you want to be the best. When it comes to racing, jumping, and doing other stunts, you need a bike with a sturdy frame that won't let you down. You also need safety features like double brakes and non-slip pedals. If BMX is just a passing interest and not quite a full-blown thing for you just yet, then you need a bike that's as good for beginners as it is for experts. We've got all that and more right here with the best BMX bikes available now.

Diamondback Bmx

Best Value: Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Top Pick

Ideal for kids aged 7 to 9. Built with a high-tensile steel frame and steel fork that's strong and provides safe handling. Use the linear pull rear brake for quick and easy stops.

$155 at Amazon
Mongoose Legion Mag

Best for Beginners and Pros: Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX bike

Has machined aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearings and four freestyle pegs for unlimited trick potential and extreme durability. Includes a cable detangler for 360-degree handlebar spins. The alloy caliper brakes and rear U-brakes ensure secure stops every time.

$280 on Amazon
Royalbaby Red Bmx Bike

Best for Kids: RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike with training wheels

Bike comes 95% assembled so it's easy to put together. Includes safe grips, double brakes, wide tires for stability, a non-slip resin pedal, and a sturdy steel frame. There are many size options with a size chart to help you find the perfect one for your child based on height.

$170 at Amazon
Hyper Spinner

Good Control: Hyper Spinner gloss black BMX bike

A great bike for going from smooth streets to a dirt path. Includes 20-inch wheels and 48-spoke alloy rims. Has caliper breaks on the front and U-brakes in the rear.

$250 at Amazon
Schwinn Pro Predator

Best Durability: Schwinn Sting Pro 24-inch Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

This is based on a classic design from Schwinn and features hi-tensile steel with rat trap pedals and aluminum alloy rims. Designed for ages 8 and up.

$430 at Amazon
Nicec Bmx Bike

Great for Beginners: NiceC BMX Bike with training wheels

The whole bike only weighs 19.1 pounds, so it's incredibly light which allows for better control. Plus it's made with high-quality magnesium alloy, so it'll last a long time. It uses a dual-brake system with a traditional v-brake in the front and a disc brake in the rear. Not only can you remove the training wheels, but the bike can actually grow with your kids thanks to adjustable handlebars and seat height.

$150 at Amazon

Freestyle is a lifestyle

It's weird to think BMX got started mostly from bikers just using a few dirt paths built for or inspired by the motocross stars of the time. Now it's as fierce a competition as anything, and BMX bikers get started at a younger and younger age every year. Safety is important when you're riding on dirt paths and committed to stunts that require a lot of practice to get right. That's the key, though, right? Practice makes perfect. If you have a child who's interested in this sort of sport, grab the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike. They can get started with training wheels, a durable frame, and double brakes for added safety.

Bikes like the Mongoose Legion Mag are also good for both beginners and pros. The transition from basic riding to more advanced moves easily. Mongoose is a brand that built itself in the BMX era, so the bikes are built for exactly this sort of thing.

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