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Getting lost in a book can be a beautiful thing, but losing your place in a great book is just the opposite. A bookmark may seem inconsequential to some, but to an avid reader, it can be a wonderful gift that they'll use on a weekly or even daily basis. Bookmarks come in so many styles and sizes too; you can find bookmarks based on your favorite books and others with fun, colorful designs on them. Wondering where to start? We've gathered several of the best bookmarks that you'll love seeing between the pages of your favorite stories.

Retro Collection Vintage Style Bookstyle

Best variety: Retro Collection Vintage Style Bookmarks

Staff Pick

This pack of 30 vintage-themed bookmarks is an excellent choice for those who get lost in multiple books at once. They're printed on sturdy cardboard and include a variety of different styles.

$8 at Amazon
Ototo Nessie Bookmark

Best for kids: Ototo Nessie Bookmark

Little ones and adults alike will love this bookmark shaped like Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. It's available in three different colors and makes it appear as if Nessie is swimming out of the pages of your novel.

$10 at Amazon
Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Noble Collection

Best for Harry Potter fans: Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Collection

Have a Harry Potter fan in mind but not sure which Hogwarts house is their favorite? This set of five bookmarks includes them all! Each of these bookmarks features a hard-enameled die cast metal crest at the top to show off your house pride and comes housed in a presentation box.

$39 at Amazon
Meeall 6pc Metal Feather Bookmarks

Best metal bookmarks: Meeall Different Color Vintage Feather Metal Bookmarks

Readers of any age will be enamored with these gorgeous feather bookmarks. They're each just about five inches long, made of metal, and sold in packs of six with varying colors.

$7 at Amazon
Dewenwils Amber Book Light

Best in the dark: DEWENWILS Amber Book Light

Perfect for those nights where you just don't want to put your book down, this bookmark doubles as a book light so you can keep on reading as it gets dark. It has four lighting modes and can be recharged by plugging it into a USB port.

$12 at Amazon
Inc Peter Pauper Press Neon Arrows Page Markers

Best for annotations: Neon Arrows Page Markers

Save your place and take notes with these neon page markers. The set includes 200 sticky notes of various colors that are easy to stick on and remove without leaving any marks on your page. Plus, they're designed as an arrow so you can easily point to a specific passage you want to recall.

$3 at Amazon

Which to choose?

Much like deciding on a favorite book, the best bookmarks largely come down to personal preference. Traditional bookmarks tend to be rather thin and less eye-catching than something like the Ototo Nessie Bookmark which makes it appear as if the Loch Ness Monster is swimming between the pages of your novel. Harry Potter fans would certainly say these Hogwarts House Crest bookmarks are the best out there, while those who love taking notes and returning to their favorite passages may find these Neon Arrows Page Markers more useful.

This set of 30 vintage style bookmarks is our favorite for most readers. These traditional bookmarks feature a variety of retro images that readers of all ages and genders will enjoy. This 30-piece set is also perfect for those who can't stick to reading just one book at a time, or those who'd like to use these bookmarks as a surprise within gifts or holiday cards.

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