Best box fans Thrifter 2022

Comfort should always be a top priority, and a box fan is a simple, easy way to provide that comfort. That's especially true if you are working in a room with stagnant air or just too much heat. Cool off quickly and easily using one of these box fans, and when you're done just pick it up and take it with you. You'll be able to find just the right air flow with the adjustable controls. The blades are often protected, too, so you don't have to worry about anything getting caught in the spin. Here are some of the best box fans on Amazon.

Pelonis Box Fan

Best Overall: Pelonis 3-speed box fan with air conditioner

Top Pick

Find the right speed with three settings designed to maximize air circulation in any space. The blades are covered by a safety grill to protect curious fingers from the high spin speeds. Includes a carrying handle and is lightweight enough to be carried where it needs to go.

$39 at Amazon
Impress Box Fan

Great for Any Room: Impress white box fan

Great for any situation, even a small space like an office or a dorm room. The fan can even travel with you since it's not too large. It has a whisper-quiet operation and three speeds to choose from that are easily adjusted using the rotary switch control.

$25 at Amazon
Genesis Box Fan

Long-lasting motor: Genesis 20-inch box fan

Easily rests on any flat surface and has a durable copper motor that will provide super strong fan speeds and last for a long time. Includes three adjustable energy-efficient speed settings. Designed to be usable anywhere with any decor.

$35 at Amazon
Vornado Circulator

Compact Size: Vornado 573 flat panel air circulator fan

Vornado's Vortex technology circulates the air and moves it throughout whatever room it is in. You'll get three speeds you can choose from and a tiltable head that lets you choose the direction of the airflow.

$35 at Amazon
Air King Box Fan

Protected: Air King 20-inch 3-speed box fan

Has three adjustable speed options and a 1/25-horsepower motor. Includes impact-resistant grills that protect the fast-spinning blades so they'll last along time. Can generate up to 2,140 CFM of air.

$52 at Amazon
Black Decker Box Fan

Tabletop Fan: Black+Decker mini 9-inch box fan

It's small enough to fit on nightstands, table tops, counters, and other such places. It's great for personal cooling and doesn't take up too much space. Includes three adjustable speeds and stays quiet no matter what.

$17 at Amazon

Cool off

The Pelonis box fan has that traditional look you expect from a simple box fan, but it's also powerful enough to circulate the air in any room. Depending on the size of the room, you can adjust its speed settings, too. Get the airflow perfect and the environment feeling great whether you're in a small, stagnant area or a larger, more open, space.

If the large box fans are too much, you can grab something like Vornado's 573 flat panel air circulator. It's a box fan designed to be small enough to fit on a side table or just sit nonchalantly in the corner of the room. Vornado has a feature it calls Vortex that is designed to circulate the air more efficiently and cover a larger area despite its smaller size. It also has a head that tilts so, in addition to the three speed settings, you can determine the direction of the airflow with minimal movement.

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