Best Broadcast Spreaders Thrifter 2022

Whether you want to throw some seed, fertilizer, weed killer, or salt, a broadcast spreader is a good addition to your lawn care arsenal. Sure, you could just go around throwing seed and feed by hand but it would take you longer, be less accurate, and risks you handling potentially toxic chemicals. The below spreaders and seeders are some of the best available and will ensure better results for your garden and a more efficient and safe process for you.

Scotts Elite Spreader

Best overall: Scotts Elite Spreader

Staff Pick

The Scotts Elite Spreader can hold enough product to cover up to 20,000 square feet of lawn which is plenty for most people. It offers dual rotors and a 6-foot spread pattern for accurate coverage over large areas of lawn, too. It's also got chunky plastic wheels that can handle any terrain plus an ergonomic handle and even a smartphone holder so you can listen to music while you fix up the garden.

$106 at Amazon
Scotts Wizz Hand Held Spreader

Best for small lawns: Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader

If you only have a small patch of lawn or your gardening needs aren't so serious, a hand-held spreader like the Scotts Wizz will likely do the job for you. The battery-powered spreader can still carry enough product to cover up to 2,500 square feet of lawn and offers a 5-foot broadcast with various settings for improved accuracy.

$20 at Amazon
Earthway Walk Behind Spreader 80lb

Best for any terrain: Earthway Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

If you need to traverse some tricky terrain with your spreader, this Earthway walk-behind model is a great pick. Its 10-inch, rugged pneumatic tires make it really easy to use across rough, uneven patches of lawn. Its hopper holds 80 pounds of fertilizer and its 3-hole drop system ensures even fertilization.

$155 at Amazon
Field Tuff Av Spreader

Best ATV spreader: Field Tuff ATV Mount Spreader

If you are maintaining large grounds or farmland, you might need a spreader that can be hooked up to your all-terrain vehicle. This Filed Tuff hitch-mounted ATV spreader has an 80-pound capacity and a 12V motor that means you can spread a large amount of seed, feed, and fertilizer across a huge area quickly.

$175 at Amazon
Earthway Precision Garden Seeder

Best for precision: Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder

If you want to achieve straight rows, consistent plant spacing, and accurate seed depth, you'd be better served with a dedicated seeder like this Earthway model than a broadcast spreader. It allows you to control seed depth and spacing for 38 different seed types. It opens the furrow, places the seed, and closes the furrow all in one pass.

$148 at Amazon
Agri Fab Tow Spreader

Best tow spreader: Agri-Fab Tow Spreader

This Agri-Fab spreader features a universal hitch that attaches easily to any brand of tractor. It offers both drop spreading and aerating capabilities meaning you'll get precise performance. It can even cover up to 40,000 square feet in one fill.

$200 at Amazon

Easy seeding

We think the Scotts Elite Spreader is the best overall option for most people who just need to throw a bunch of seed over their lawn at home. It's easy to use, covers a decent lawn size at 20,000 square feet per fill, and even includes a phone holder so you can continue listening to music or podcasts while you go about your lawn maintenance.

For small plots, something like the battery-powered and hand-held Scotts Wizz would be a good pickup or go all out with an ATV-mounted option if you have large grounds to service or want to be able to easily spread salt during the winter.

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