Best Cable Organizers Thrifter 2022

Whether you are a minimalist that wants the tidiest desk setup possible or just want to avoid accidentally snagging on a cable connected to your computer, it's worth investing in some cable organization. There are a variety of different options, from cable ties and clips to hidden storage boxes, cord tubes, and more. We've listed the best cable organization options below to make things easy for you.

Ohill Cable Clips

Best overall: OHill Cable Clips, 16-pack

Staff Pick

Often, the simplest solution is the best. These stick-on cable clips allow you to take care of loose hanging cables on an individual basis and stick them to walls or under your desk as needed. There are several sizes of clips included with room for one, two, or five cables apiece.

$8 at Amazon
Alex Tech Cord Protector

Wrap around: Alex Tech Cord Protector, 10-foot

If you have a whole bunch of cables going in one direction, a cable wrap may be the easiest way to tidy them all up in one go. This 1/2-inch sleeve wraps itself around cables making it super easy to install. As well as looking nice, it will protect your cables from curious pets. A few color options are available.

$9 at Amazon
Pzoz Cable Clip

Secure clip: PZOZ Adhesive Cable Clips, 3-pack

If you want to keep a few cables within arm's reach at the edge of your desk, this cable clip 3-pack can help you achieve that. Each clip has space for up to 11 cables so you can have easy access to phone chargers, headphone cables, USB cables, and more.

$10 at Amazon
Pasow Cable Ties

Reusable: PASOW Cable Ties, 50-pack

If you have more than a few cables, you'll soon find that you need some kind of cable tie to keep them all in place. Rather than using single-use plastic ties, snag some reusable hook-and-loop ties so you can keep your workspace tidy as you add, remove, or change up your setup. Several color options are available and these also work great for organizing loose cables.

$8 at Amazon
D Line Cable Management Box

Out of sight: D-Line Cable Management Box

If you have a surge protector with a bunch of plugs and wires, one easy way to clean up the look is to invest in a cable management box. This low-maintenance fix hides away the mess of cables while featuring cutouts for access to power and to let cables get to where they need to go.

$24 at Amazon
Tap Up Cable Box

Off the ground: Tap-Up Cable Box

If you don't want your surge protector on the floor or even a cable management box down there, this desk-mounted cable box is for you. It's also a great idea if you have a sit/stand desk so you don't need to ensure every cable is long enough to reach the floor. It attaches to your desk without any drilling or adhesive required, too.

$29 at Amazon
Hmrope Cable Ties

Mixed colors: Hmrope Fastening Cable Ties, 6-pack

If you have a bunch of cables that serve different purposes and you need to be able to quickly tell bunches of them apart, these colored cable ties are an ideal choice. The 6-inch adjustable ties use a hook-and-loop material so can be moved and reused easily. they also work great for organizing loose cables.

$6 at Amazon
Ugreen Cable Organizer

Store spares: UGREEN Electronics Organizer

It's not just the cables in use that need organizing but also all of the loose cables you keep around. Rather than having a messy draw with a knotted bunch of assorted cables, why not invest in a small bag to keep them all organized and easily accessible. You'll appreciate the tidiness next time you need to dig out a USB cable.

$15 at Amazon

Tidy desk, tidy mind

When tidying up your workstation, the type of cable organization you need will depend very much on your setup and workspace. For most people, the OHill Cable Clips, 16-pack will provide just the right amount of organization which is why we selected it as our top pick. It comes with 16 adhesive cable clips that can hold between one and five cables apiece so you can easily secure some cables and stop them dangling off your desk.

If you're wanting to tidy up the look of your surge protector, the D-Line Cable Management Box or Tap-Up Cable Box are great picks to keep that mess of plugs out of sight with minimal effort. Simple cable ties are also a low maintenance approach to minimizing clutter on and around your desk as well as in your draws and other storage spots.

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