Best cat beds Thrifter 2022

Your cat will do what your cat wants to do. Let's face it, we don't have a lot control over these guys. If he wants to curl up in a box, then his new bed is a box. At the very least, though, you can provide him with a more comfortable option. Great cat beds offer a lot of little extras, like a hooded entrance or a scratch board or even a plush ball hanging from the top for your cat to play with. Here are some of the best options available right now.

Love Cabin

Best Overall: Love's Cabin 20-in cat bed for indoor cats

Top Pick

The bed has nest-like walls and a high-loft down alternative. The rim is raised to create a sense of security and give your pet some head and neck support. It's made from faux shag fur and has deep crevices for maximum comfort and warmth. You can throw the whole bed in the wash to clean it.

$21 at Amazon
Bedsure Cat Cave

Two in One: Bedsure Cat Cave bed for indoor cats

Assembles quickly and folds easily into a flat shape for storage or travel. Comes with the cat cube, a soft mat, and a firm cushion. The cave area allows cats to sleep curled up and the large hole accomodates cats of all different sizes. There's even a plush ball hanging inside your cat can play with. Should support all cats under 20 pounds.

$30 at Amazon
Furhaven Pet Mat

Warm and Cozy: Furhaven Pet ThermaNAP self-warming blanket mat

Equipped with a layer of insulating fiber batting and mylar, the mat is designed to reflect body heat to create a warm surface for pets. It's made with soft quilted faux fur and is great for travel since it's lightweight and portable. It's completely machine washable as well.

$10 at Amazon
Tempcore Cat Bed

Hooded Entrance: Tempcore cat bed for indoor cats

These beds act like little caverns to keep your cat feeling safe and sheltered. Despite fully surrounding the bed with a hood, the bed is cool, comfortable, and breathable. There's a plush ball for your cat to play with. It has a non-slip bottom and the whole bed is machine washable.

$24 at Amazon
Western Home Cat Bed

Flannel: Western Home pet tent cat bed

The soft flannel material that makes up this bed keeps it nice and cozy, and the soft cushion on the inside can be removed for easy maintenance. The tent portion is stable and won't collapse on itself, and the plush ball can be used to entertain your cat until he or she falls asleep.

$23 at Amazon
Neowfia Bed

Full Cover: Meowfia Premium felt cat bed cave

Handmade with 100% Merino wool. The modern design is warm, cozy, and looks great in your home. The design is also eco friendly and free from harsh chemicals or synthetics.

$40 at Amazon

Sleepy Kitty

The Love's Cabin cat bed looks comfortable enough even you might want to use it as a bed, but your cat probably wouldn't like that. It's made to be warm, safe, and secure. As your cat sinks into the bed, the sides raise to offer neck and head support. It also has the benefit of being super easy to clean, which is always helpful.

If you have a cat that prefers to be covered, get the Tempcore cat bed. It offers many of the same things like warmth and safety with a hooded cover that turns the bed into a little cave. There's even a plush ball hanging from the entrance so your cat can tire himself out playing with it.

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