Best cat carriers Thrifter 2020

Traveling can often be a lot more stressful for animals than it is for us. They don't fully understand the moving vehicles, the top speeds, the twists and turns. Finding a way to lower their stress and keep them comfortable is essential to keeping your pets happy and, subsequently, keeping you happy, too. When you're looking for a cat carrier you obviously need to think about the needs of your own cat, including how big he is. The carrier itself should emphasize not just your cat's comfort but also safety and durability of the carrier. Lucky for you there are a ton of great options on Amazon that can meet all these criteria, and even more lucky for you we've got the best of the best right here.

Best Hard-Sided: AmazonBasics two-door hard-sided travel carrier

Top Pick

Has both a front and top door for easy loading from two angles. Add reinforcement to the top and bottom with included screws. Made of plastic with a steel-wire front door.

$32 at Amazon

Best Soft-Sided: Sherpa airline-approved pet carrier

Spring-wire frame helps carrier push down for under-seat requirements. Mesh windows provide ventilation. Has top and side entry, adjustable padding, and a no-slip grip for carrying. The lambskin liner is machine washable, and the rear storage gives you a place to put treats, bags, and more.

$48 at Amazon

Best on a Budget: Pet Magasin airline-approved cat carrier

Works with all major airlines and can carry a small pet, including cat, dog or other. Made with water resistant material and includes a mesh window for ventilation with comfortable padding inside.

$20 at Amazon

Best Top Load: Petmate two-door top load carrier

Meets airline cargo specifications while still being comfortable for your pet. The top entry door is easy to access, and the carrier is built with durability in mind.

$41 at Amazon

Best Water Resistance: EliteField Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Made with a durable, lightweight, and waterproof material. Includes some mesh netting for both sunlight and breathability. Includes a fleece bed cover and a hard support board to keep the carrier in good shape. Has a three-year warranty.

$28 at Amazon

Best Circular Design: Pet Magasin hard-cover collapsible cat carrier

Includes a hard base and top so it keeps its shape and has sturdy protection for your pet. The soft sides fold down easily and allow for easy storage. Padded mat gives your pet a comfortable spot to lie down or stand on thanks to the non-slip surface. Mesh sides allow for ventilation and let your pet look around.

$26 at Amazon

Here kitty kitty!

Whether you're planning on going for a long plane ride or just need to get to the vet, a pet carrier is essential for your cat. Cats get stressed out on the road. They can climb down to your feet and get behind pedals or even go as far as freak out and start biting and scratching. You want them secured for their safety and your own. Luckily most pet carriers make loading a cat inside super convenient. Options like the soft-sided Sherpa pet carrier include both a front door and a way to load from the top so you can easily get your cat inside. A hard-sided carrier like the one from AmazonBasics will probably feel more secure though thanks to the reinforced top and bottom and the steel-wire front door.

If you're working from a budget, that's okay. The Pet Magasin portable cat carrier and the EliteField cat carrier are both safe, secure, and super affordable. Both are made with waterproof materials, too, so it's easy to clean and keeps your cat dry and happy.

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