Best Cat Doors Thrifter 2022

Unlike dogs, cats are a little harder to train and ultimately like to do as they please, especially when it comes to heading outside. Rather than having your cat meowing incessantly to go outside or scratching the door to come back, you really ought to install a cat door so they can take care of it themselves. There are a few things to consider with cat doors, including what type of door it's being installed on, what features you want the door to include, and what your cat's needs are, but we've outlined some of the best options available below.

Petsafe Plastic Pet Door

Best overall: PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap

Staff Pick

With a durable plastic frame (that can be painted to match your door if you wish) plus, soft vinyl flap, and easy installation, this PetSafe option will be great for most cats and cat owners. It comes in a few different sizes and works with exterior or interior people doors 1/16-inch to 2 inches in thickness with detailed instructions on how to install it. It also has a snap-on closing panel if you want to keep the flap shut to stop your cat from using it or block out the weather.

$30 at Amazon
Ceesc Cat Door

Affordable option: CEESC Magnetic Pet Door with 4-Way Rotary Lock

While it's on the more affordable end and only comes in a couple of size options, this CEESC door actually has some need added features including a 4-way rotary locking system. That means you can adjust the door to control your cat's access options: in only, out only, in and out freely, and totally locked. It's got a weather strip around the flap to try and keep out the weather, too.

$19 at Amazon
Petsafe Big Cat Door

For bigger kitties: PetSafe Interior and Exterior Big Cat Door

If your fur baby is a bit bigger than the average kitty, or maybe just extra fluffy, then standard cat doors might not work for you. This one from PetSafe has a larger flap that is perfect for cats (and dogs) up to 25 lb. It's also got a high-impact plastic flap that stands up to frequent use and a 4-way locking system that allows you to set parameters around your cat's access with ease.

$25 at Amazon
Sureflap Microchip Pet Door

No chip, no entry: SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

If you don't want to risk just any stray animal off the street gaining access to your home, you need a microchip-enabled cat door. The SureFlap uses RFID to read your pet's implanted ID microchip, allowing your cat access without letting in strays. It can learn up to 32 identities, too, and lets you monitor your cats' movements via the accompanying app.

$200 at Amazon
Lynx Cat Door

Cute design: LYNX 4-Way Locking Cat Flap

The main draw to the LYNX cat flap is its design which is just perfect for cat lovers and a departure from the boring designs of most exterior cat doors. It comes in white or black and features a circular flap which some cats may prefer over the tighter rectangular space of other options. It works great for small or medium-sized kitties.

$55 at Amazon
Petsafe Freedom Panel Cat Door

Best for sliding doors: PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

If you usually let your cat out of the sliding door, cutting a hole in the glass for a cat flap is probably not an ideal solution. Instead of doing that, this panel from PetSafe essentially extends your sliding door with an extra section that features a built-in pet flap. It's a great option for renters who can't make permanent changes to their doors and since it's removable you can take it with you. Just be sure to use the sizing guide to get the right option for your door and pet.

$130 at Amazon
Pawsm Cat Door

Built-in brush: PAWSM Cat Door

Your cat will love getting a little brush every time it passes through this cat door and it will help gather any loose hairs so they don't end up spread out across the rest of the house. This cat door is for interior use only, but it's a great option if you want to keep the litter tray in the utility room and allow your cat easy access while keeping the door closed.

$30 at Amazon


If this is the first time you've installed anything like a cat door, it's best to keep things simple. That's why we recommend the PetSafe Interior and Exterior Big Cat Door. It's a great starting point, is easy to install, and ultimately serves its purpose. For not much more money, you can upgrade to a fancier design or a cat door with extra locking features, though, so make sure you have a good think about your needs before cutting a hole in your door.

If money is no object and you want something top-of-the-line for your kitty, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is superb and can even keep stray animals from entering your property. It's like having your own personal night club security guard at your door that ensures only the coolest cats get in.

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