Best cat scratchers Thrifter 2022

Your cat is going to scratch. It's just what cats do. Scratching is a great way to burn off some energy, stretch, and flex. Now wouldn't it just be nicer if your cats chose to scratch on something that wasn't your favorite chair... or favorite arm? These scratcher pads are made with non-toxic materials, are often reversible so they last twice as long, and some even come infused with catnip to draw your cat's attention. Find the one that works best for your pet.

Catit Cat Scratcher

Best Overall: Catit cat scratcher board with catnip

Top Pick

A simple cat scratcher with a jungle print design that has a corrugated scratching surface. It is 17.5 inches long. The catnip helps draw your cat's interest, giving them a space to flex and stretch that isn't your furniture.

$7 at Amazon
Fukumaru Cat Scratcher

Flat Mat: Fukumaru cat scratcher mat

Both environmentally friendly and cat friendly, the mat is made with safe and non-toxic materials. Your cat may use the mat for more than just scratching, including sleeping or playing. It has anti-skid latex on the bottom so it won't slide around.

$16 at Amazon
Petfusion Scratcher

Curves: PetFusion Ultimate cat scratcher lounge

The unique design of this cat scratcher makes it easier for scratching and provides a comfortable place for your cats to rest or play. It is made with recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue with a design that is naturally attractive to cats. It also includes an organic catnip leaf to keep your cat scratching this instead of your couch.

$50 at Amazon
Cat Scratching Post

Stretch: Dimaka 29-inch tall cat scratching post

The post works with cats of all sizes from kittens to adults. It's a thick cardboard tube that's wrapped with natural fibrous sisal with a base tower that's made with heavy cardboard and covered in a soft plush. There's also a plush ball on the top to draw your cat's attention so they can stretch while they scratch.

$22 at Amazon
Coching Pad

Medium or Large: Coching cardboard cat scratcher pad

This scratching pad mimics the feeling of tree bark and provides different touching experiences so that cats find more interest in it. It's also a lot more durable than other designs. It is made with recycled cardboard and is safe and non-toxic. Plus, if your cat wears down one side the pad is reversible so you can keep it going longer by turning it around.

$10 at Amazon
Catify Pads

Indoors or Outdoors: Catify cat scratcher pad

Get a set of five round scratcher pads (or choose from some other shapes). The pads can serve as refills for an existing scratcher, and the pads are reversible so they last twice as long. They are made from non-toxic extra-thick cardboard that will be satisfying and non-harmful to your cat.

$16 at Amazon

Occupy your cat

The Catit cat scratcher pad is a great place to start. It has a very simple design and comes with some catnip, which you can use to draw your cat's interest. Hopefully, your cat will be more interested in scratching on the pad than your furniture, and it's also a great place for your cat to relax or nap.

If your cat doesn't need a place to lounge but might still need more scratching options, grab something like the Dimaka scratching post. It does have a plush base for your cat to sit on, but it also reaches 29 inches tall so they can stretch upwards while they scratch. The little ball on the top gives your pet something to play with, too.

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